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Sensuelles Ch. 02

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After she gave our order to the waitress, my Mistress and I talked about mundane things. How our day went, problems at work, did I return the phone call from my mother? As we were talking, i suddenly felt her silk stocking clad foot touch my calf, rubbing it slightly. My eyes widened. Please! Not here! I thought to myself. She giggled slightly at the expression on my face and moved her foot higher up my leg. I thought that she would stop when the waitress returned with our appetizers and wine, but she only used her foot to spread my legs further apart, as far as they would go within the confines of my skirt.

"Raise your skirt and sit on your bare ass. Now!" she added when she saw me hesitating. Looking around, I noticed that the restaurant was only half full and no one was really near us. I raised up slightly, pulling my dress up over my ass and sat back down. The leather felt cool against my skin and I felt the silk now touching my inner thigh, creeping steadily towards my vagina. She took a delicate bite of the canape, and while looking directly in my eyes, touched my clit, flicking it with her big toe. I coughed into my wine glass, closing my eyes in desire as I coated her foot with my juices as a mini orgasm twitched through my body. She giggled again, took a sip of her wine, and probed my pussy even harder. At this time, the waitress returned again, bringing our salads. She noticed that my glass was almost empty and moved near me in order to refill it for me. She hesitated for a second as she came close and a small smile spread across her face as she caught my eye. She winked at me and I blushed furiously. OH GOD! She knows! I thought to myself as she turned back and faced my Mistress.

"Will İstanbul Escort there be anything else, Miss?" she said in her sexy accent.

"No, we're fine for right now, thank you." she replied. At that moment, she rubbed my clit with her toe again, causing me to involuntarily let out a little squeak.

"Oui, Miss. Your orders should be ready shortly." The waitress let out a little giggle of her own as she left. I started blushing again, wishing I was safely back at the house in the privacy of our bedroom .

"She knows, little one. She knows that you are sitting there, naked from the waist down. She knows that your hot little cunt is dripping cum all over the leather seat. She knows that I am doing it." I closed my eyes again in embarrassment and desire as I got closer to having a full on orgasm. Mistress suddenly stopped touching me with her foot, just as I was about to crest. Dinner had arrived.

Filet mignon, roasted asparagus, and fried foie gras was put in front of me. My mouth began to water just as much as my pussy at the sight and smell of the delicious delicacies placed in front of me. Just as the waitress leaned over to place the plate down, the back of her hand knocked my fork to the floor. She quickly bent at the knees to retrieve it, apologizing profusely to my Mistress for the accident. Smiling as she stood back up, she said that she would be right back with a new fork. I couldn't help but notice her ass packed in tight fitting pants and the noticeable absence of panty lines as she walked away.

Returning with my utensil, my Mistress stopped her and whispered in her ear. The waitress smiled beautifully, nodded once and walked to the side of Anadolu Yakası Escort the table that was hidden from sight. I was shocked to see her quickly crawl under the tablecloth and was even more surprised when I felt her hands touching my legs. I was sitting on the edge of my chair anyway from when I had sat back down after adjusting my dress so my pussy was close enough for the waitress to lean in. I sucked in a deep breath when I felt the tip of her tongue touch my clit.

I shuddered as the waitress started exploring the folds of my pussy with her tongue. I quickly took a bite of the foie gras, enjoying the rich, fatty flavor with the creamy texture. I closed my eyes, inhaling deeply through my nose to capture the full flavors of the delicacy. She inserted two fingers in my hole, curling them to touch my special spot. My eyes flew open and my gaze met my Mistress's. She was looking at me, a twinkle in her eyes as she enjoyed the show I was putting on for her.

"Does my little one want to cum? Does she want release?" I nodded, unable to speak, a pleading look in my eyes as the waitress gently bit down on my clit and scraped it with her teeth. I let out a low moan as she began flicking it quickly with her tongue. Then she took one long swipe, capturing all of my leaking juices. I let out a little gasp as the waitress made a satisfied sound from under the table. Watching my Mistress as she slowly and deliberately cut a bite of her roast duck and brought it to her mouth, she licked the spicy morsel sensually before moving it past her lips and chewing, enjoying every flavor.

"Not yet, little one." She said after she swallowed. I took a large gulp of wine to try Ümraniye Escort and calm myself but it didn't work. I felt heat rushing up from between my legs to my breasts, causing my nipples to harden again. My Mistress giggled at the sight of my two nubbins pressing against the fabric of my dress. The waitress's fingers had picked up in intensity, the suction of her mouth on my clit was getting stronger.

"Please!" I whispered frantically. "let me cum Mistress!" I was quickly getting to the point of no return. My hands were gripping the table now, knuckles white with the force of my grip. I was frantically trying to maintain my composer. All the while, the waitress was bringing me closer to climax. I was so close. My Mistress took another sip of wine, staring at my face intently. There was a pregnant pause as she swallowed, setting the wine glass gently on the table.

"Yes you may." I saw stars as I flooded the waitress's mouth with my cream as soon as the words passed my Mistress's ruby painted lips. I closed my eyes tightly as every nerve fired off in my body. My senses became so acute at that point. I could hear the other guests talking in the distance, their voices mixed with the soft violins playing over the speakers. I could taste the remnants of the wine mixed with the foie gras on my tongue. I could smell all of the food, my Mistress's perfume, my desire mingled together in one heady aroma. I could feel the fingers buried inside me, urging me higher.

At last, my orgasm subsided. The waitress removed herself from under the table, her face glistening with my juices. She smiled and asked if we needed anything else in that adorable accent of hers. My Mistress smiled, looking at my glazed expression as I took another sip of wine to calm myself down. "No thank you dear. We are fine for right now." The waitress nodded to her, winked at me and went to the back.

"Happy birthday, little one. Just wait until we get home. Then I will really give you your present."
14 Nisan 2024, at 15:29

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