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Marie's Continued Schooling

Post #1

Marie's Continuing Education
Author's note: This is a continuation of my previous story "An Unlikely Threesome"; you may want to read that one, if you haven't already done so, before starting this one.
The sexual frenzy that had overtaken the three of us had taken a toll. So, while the spirit to continue our carnal explorations was willing, the flesh was just too damned weak at that particular time. In other words, we fell asleep.
Olivia and I roused ourselves enough to make it to the bedroom, collapsing on the queen sized bed while Marie continued sleeping on the sofa. At some point during the night, I woke just enough to sense Marie joining us in bed. I remember thinking, "We are going to need a bigger bed if this is the way things are going to be."
The early light coming in through the windows was enough to wake me; at this point I was the only one awake in that overfull bed. Within a few minutes, however, I saw both Olivia and Marie rousing themselves. Marie raised her pretty head and the sight of my dried cum still on her face made my dick twitch and start to swell. But then I thought, "Hey, I'm supposed to play golf this morning, better not start something just now."
At that point, Marie meekly asked, "Is it ok if I wash this cum off of my face now?".
Olivia and I exchanged a look and then Olivia said, "Go ahead, we can always replace it when we want to."
At that point, Marie went into the bathroom to take care of that. Olivia and I had a quiet discussion to firm up our plans for Marie over the next few days. When Marie returned to the bed, I had her slip under the blankets next to me, so that she was on one side and Olivia was on the other, the three of us lying there on our backs. I had an arm around each of them, feeling the sides of their big warm tits squeezed up against me, which was having an effect on the state of my cock. "Down boy," I thought, "I have work for you to do later tonight, you need to be at your best when the time comes."
At that point, Olivia took the lead in laying out our plans for the immediate future as she addressed Marie. "Bill has some guy stuff to do today," that's me, Bill, don't believe I mentioned my name before, "While he is out, we are going to do some shopping, I need some lingerie and a few other things. Also, you probably want to go get whatever you need to stay here for a few days while we work out longer range plans. So, go home and tend to that, when you come back we will go shopping together."
After that, we all got out of bed and went about our normal routines, Olivia made us some breakfast, then we got dressed for the day. I got my golf clubs and went outside to wait for my friend Dave who was driving us to the course.
Playing golf that day, I was a little more distracted than I would normally be. Understandable, right, considering what was going through my head contemplating the coming night. Anyway, I was still able to shoot an 82 and won a few bucks from my buddies.
We settled the bets while drinking a few beers and eating lunch afterwards. Normally, I enjoy this part of golf quite a bit, the camaraderie after the round, sitting around drinking and bullshitting with my buddies. But today all I wanted to do was get home. If I was driving myself I would have left by now, as Dave sensed something was up and agreed when I suggested we should get going. When he was driving us to my place he asked, "What's with you today, you seem preoccupied." I admitted that I was and said there was good reason, nothing bad, quite the contrary, and maybe I would tell him more at some point. We left it at that as he dropped me off.
It was early afternoon by this time and I entered an empty apartment. Guess the ladies are still shopping, I thought. So, I took a shower, shaved top and bottom, and put on some cologne. Like to keep everything nice for the womenfolk.
Within an hour or so, Olivia and Marie walked through the door, chatting like they were lifelong friends.
Marie was smiling when she said, "We had a great day, and we've got a little work to do now to prepare for an even better night," whereupon she and Olivia went into the bedroom. "Don't come in here, we're working on something for you," called Olivia from the other side of the closed door.
"What the fuck does that mean?" I thought. I didn't know exactly, but it sounded intriguing and not a little exciting. So, I sat back to watch some television. I soon found it impossible to concentrate on the TV, what with the sounds coming from the bedroom. Mostly the sound of someone gagging. This went on for some time, and again I thought, "What the fuck."
A few hours later, I prepared dinner. I'm a pretty good cook, if it doesn't seem overly proud to say so. We all ate dinner and then settled in on the sofa after opening a couple of bottles of wine. Conversation was free, easy and natural. Just like we were a very compatible, old married thruple. It was only after we finished the second bottle and had started on the third that the conversation turned to where Disney plus izle we all knew it would: sex.
Marie said, very quietly, with her head lowered, as though she didn't want to look me in the eye, "I really enjoyed last night, I'm sorry I would never let you cum in my mouth before. I really don't know what I was thinking because it was just so delightfully dirty last night, having your cum in my mouth and on my face. I hope you let me eat your load tonight."
I was just about to tell her she could start on that right now, when Olivia spoke up, "I told you that the right to eat his cum is something you would have to earn, don't you remember that? We made a start on that today, but you are going to have to prove yourself tonight. Bill, give us a few minutes, we need to get ourselves ready for you."
With that, they both left the room, and there I was on the sofa with a rapidly growing cock, anticipating an evening of fleshly delights. I didn't know exactly what they had in store for me, but I was fairly certain it would be special.
About 15 long minutes later, they came out of the bedroom, looking like something out of a Playboy centerfold.
Marie was dressed like a slutty bride on her wedding night. All in white, sheer bra barely holding back her 34 D tits, sheer white panties that hid nothing of her shaved pussy, white garter belt and stockings, white heels.
Olivia was in black, black bustier with her even larger tits overflowing the inadequate cups, sheer black panties encasing her engorged cunt lips.
They were both heavily made up, bright red lipstick and slutty looking eyes. Looking like street whores who depended on looking as dirty as possible to stand the best chance of attracting customers. They both slowly turned around showing me their large firm asses, bending over and spreading their legs so I could see twin pussies winking at me through those sheer panties.
Olivia was looking directly at me when she ran her tongue over her bright red lips and said, "You can play with your cock if you want while you watch the show we are going to put on, actually, we prefer that you do, here's some lube."
I stood up long enough to get my pants off, sitting back on the sofa. I poured enough lube on my cock to get it good and slick and started slowly stroking it while I watched the girls and wondered what was coming next, not me, I was going to hold off for a while.
Olivia pulled her left tit out of her bustier cup, wrapping her fingers in Marie's hair she pulled her head down until Marie sucked the nipple up into her mouth. I watched Marie kneading that big tit while she sucked hungrily at the nipple, by now Olivia had a firm grasp on Marie's head with both hands and was pulling her into her ample cleavage. Her right tit now popped out and Marie started giving that one some attention. I continued to slowly stroke my slicked up cock while watching this filthy performance. They were doing it as a turn on for me, ostensibly, but it was evident that they were both enjoying the hell out of this themselves.
Things went on in this vein for a few minutes before Olivia dropped to the floor and laid on her back. "Let's see if you can make me cum by eating my pussy," she said to Marie. "Being a woman yourself, I am sure you have had your pussy eaten at least a few times, you should know what feels good. Of course, we all can be a little different, but just start with what feels good to you and I'll let you know if I want you to do something different. Oh, and make sure Bill can see what you are doing, I'm sure he will appreciate watching his ex-wife eating his girlfriend's pussy."
Well, yeah, I would definitely enjoy that.
Marie wasn't shy at all as she dove between Olivia's legs. She pushed her long, dark hair to the other side of her head and arranged Olivia's legs so as to ensure I had a good view of the proceedings. Of course, I couldn't see the fine details of what they were doing, but with what I could see, and hear from Olivia, it was an excellent exhibition of pussy eating skill.
Marie started by kissing Olivia's thighs, maybe taking some gentle bites. She proceeded to slow and gentle licks of the entire cunt, bottom to top stopping to linger over the clit for a few seconds before repeating the procedure. I heard Olivia say, "God, that's good, start focusing on the clit a bit more." Which Marie did. "Make your lips really wet and gently suck the clit up between them." Again, total compliance from Marie. "Use your tongue on the underside of the clit. Now, start circling it with your tongue. That's it, keep going, don't stop now....aaaaahhh, don't stop I'm starting to cum. Keep going, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD." I watched as Olivia's tense face relaxed and she dropped her head back to the floor. "That was one of the best orgasms I have had in some time."
Marie looked up from between Olivia's thighs, the lower part of her face shiny and slick from Olivia's pussy juices, and then a big smile lit up her face. "I am so glad you liked what Exxen izle I did to you, I hope you can tell me how to make it even better for you for the next time."
All this time I was stroking my cock, but holding back my own orgasm. I didn't want to waste that, so to speak, on my own hand when I had these two lovely sluts available. I have to say though, I felt a bit of jealousy when I heard Olivia tell Marie that whe had just had one of her best orgasms in some time. Because she and I had been fucking and sucking for "Some time." But then I thought, "Hey man, don't fuck this up, no room for jealousy if you want this arrangement to go on." Yeah, I came to my senses.
At that point, we all kind of stopped what we were doing and let the heat die back for a few minutes. At that point, Olivia instructed Marie, "Go straighten yourself up and get the toys we bought earlier, I want you to show Bill what we have been working on." Marie eagerly complied, removing herself to the bedroom. I was pretty curious to see what came next as Marie took longer than expected to return. When she did, I saw that she had taken a few minutes to wash her face and re-apply some of her makeup. She was carrying a leather harness contraption with a fair size dildo sticking out of it. I realized it was a strap on and started imagining the possibilities this would bring to our little threesome.
Olivia took the strap on contraption from Marie and removed the dildo from the harness. "Now let's show Bill what we were working on earlier today." With that she handed the dildo to Marie. "Start by making it as wet as possible, the way I showed you."
Marie spit on the dildo and used her hand to rub that natural lube onto the first 5 or so inches of the artificial cock, which in total looked to be about 8 inches long, slightly larger than my own cock. She put it in her mouth and started a simulated blow job, taking about half the dildo into her mouth and slowly moving it in and out of her wet, red lips. All the while she was looking me directly in the eye, it was hot as hell watching this. She kept this up, taking about 5 inches into her mouth, and then a little more whereupon she gagged slightly. This is when Olivia, the blow job coach, started offering instruction and encouragement.
"Remember now, you are trying to overcome your gag reflex, take it slow, just hold it there at the entrance to your throat until that gagging feeling dies down, when it does, see if you can get the head into your throat."
Marie was an enthusiastic pupil, she did as instructed, holding the dildo in place for a minute or two about 6 inches deep. It was evident that she was struggling to avoid gagging at this point. But then she applied a little more force to the dildo and suddenly another inch disappeared into her mouth. Her eyes went wide as Olivia said, "Good girl, you have it in your throat now. Just hold it there for a few seconds and then see if you can remove it and then reinsert it."
Again Marie complied, popping that dildo in and out of her throat several times before withdrawing it from her mouth completely. The deep throat action had caused Marie to produce a pretty good flow of saliva, which now drooled from her mouth and ran down her chin before landing on her big tits.
"Did I do a good job?"
"Hell yes," I said. "I can't wait to get my cock down your throat." Marie smiled and was clearly thinking that she would enjoy that as well.
It was at that point that Olivia offered me some instruction. "OK Bill, put your dick in her mouth, but remember she is still working up to being a true deep throat artist. She has some more work to do to completely overcome her gag reflex. It's going to require daily practice on that dildo for another week or two, which she is going to be doing. Bottom line for now is; don't try to skull fuck her, I am certain she will reach the point where she can handle that pretty soon. But for now, let her take the lead when she sucks your cock."
Marie had taken a kneeling position in front of me, she leaned forward and wrapped her full, red lips around the head of my cock. She started me off with the swirly tongue, and next started the slow in and out, taking about 5 inches. It was a delicious sight watching her suck my cock, watching her wet lips distend as my meat slowly withdrew from her mouth, only to have her repeat the process again and again. She was keeping her tongue busy while giving my cock the old in and out, applying constant pressure and movement along the underside of my dick. Her puckered lips put me in mind of some kind of obscene fish.
At that point she took in another inch or so of cock and I could feel the head at the entrance of her throat. She seemed to be fighting back the urge to gag on the dick. After holding me there for 5 seconds or so, she leaned into it a bit and I felt my dick head enter her throat. She repeated this move several times, in and out of her throat. I felt that I couldn't take much more of this before I gave her the cum blast that she clearly wanted.
While Gain tv izle this was going on, I saw Olivia retrieve the dildo and reattach it to the strap on harness.
"OK Bill, enough of that, don't cum in her mouth yet."
"Damn", I thought. But OK, I was looking forward to the next act. Marie was too. She continued to kneel in front of me as I pulled my cock out of her mouth with a soft plop.
Olivia came to stand beside me and was slowly stroking her artificial cock, as I was stroking my real flesh and blood cock. We were both looking intently at Marie kneeling there in front of us as Olivia said, "Now we are going to double dick you."
I was watching Marie carefully as Olivia said this. She was demurely looking down, but I was sure I saw a slight smile come over her face as Olivia promised a double dicking.
"Do you know what I am talking about when I say we are going to double dick you?" asked Olivia.
Marie looked up and said, "Well, there is a guy at work named Richard Dick, everybody calls him double dick; but something tells me that what you have in mind has nothing to do with Richard Dick."
That made Olivia smile, me too. "No, what it means is we are both going to fuck you at the same time, one in the pussy and one in the asshole. Bill, which hole do you want?"
"Well, your cock is pretty big, it might be a little uncomfortable in her asshole."
Olivia seemed doubtful as she looked at Marie; "Listen to that Marie, all concerned about your welfare. But tell me, can you take this dildo up your ass?"
"Whatever the two of you want," Marie said somewhat breathlessly, her face was a bit flushed and her nipples were fully erect at this point. "I really hope that, at the end, Bill will cum in my mouth though, and you let me eat it."
Upon hearing that, Olivia looked at me, "OK Bill, which hole?"
Since I had fucked Marie in the ass last night, I said, "Well, I think I'll try out the pussy, Olivia, you can fuck her ass."
Now, this was the first time I had done this kind of thing, I am pretty sure it was the first time for all of us. But we all had watched enough porn to have a basic idea as to the logistics of the double penetration. I laid on the floor on my back and told Marie to get on all fours above me, which she did, those big tits hanging in my face were a delight. Marie reached behind her for my cock and guided it into her wet hole. Slowly I slipped in until I was balls deep. Her cunt was tight, but not too tight, just right. A goldilocks pussy you might say. Not that I fantasized about fucking goldilocks or anything, only saying it was just right, not too tight, not too loose. Anyway, we went through a few warm up strokes and then I invited Olivia to join the party. "Lube her up good and then slip that cock into her asshole."
I saw Olivia approach Marie from behind and proceed to do as I said. Marie and I were holding still at this point to allow Olivia to join in. It's hard enough to get a big cock into a tight asshole without having to deal with a moving target. So, Olivia drizzled some lube onto Marie's ass, used her thumb to work it in, and started to spread lube up and down the dildo. When these preparations were complete Olivia placed the dildo's head against Maries tight asshole. Olivia slowly pushed her hips forward and the resultant pressure started to push the head in. A little more pressure and about 2 inches of dildo slipped up Marie's butt. Olivia took her time, pulling this bit of dildo out and gently pushing it back in again. Gradually, she started inserting more and more until most of the dildo was going in and out.
Meantime, I was watching Marie's face to gauge her reaction to what Olivia was doing to her. Marie's mouth was slack and her eyes unfocused, she began to pant slightly and her tongue slipped out of her mouth to lick her lips.
I was continuing to hold still while I waited for Olivia to get her rhythm, bucking her hips to drive the dildo in and out of Marie's butthole. Now, I didn't realize just how little separates the internal parts of the pussy with the internal parts of the ass. The wall between the two is thin and I could feel the dildo, kind of sliding along my cock as it thrust forward and then withdrew, in and out. It felt pretty good, I had to start my own thrusting at this point. When I did start to pound that pussy in earnest, Marie let out a little squeal. All three of us had found our rhythm by now, I was going in while Olivia was pulling out, then she was on the instroke while I was on the outstroke. Like some kind of complex machine, but it all came quite naturally. If I want a little faster, Olivia matched me. When I slowed down, so did she. Meantime, Marie had pretty much lost control, she was rocking, twisting and turning with wild abandon. Her long black hair was whipping back and forth and her big tits were swaying in front of my face. I grabbed one and sucked on the nipple.
Looking up past Marie, I could see Olivia behind her, pounding in and out of Marie's now stretched asshole. The motion was making Olivia's ample tits sway and jiggle, such a lovely sight. I later found out that the strap-on was made to make contact with the wearer's clit, assuming the wearer was a woman. So, Olivia was enjoying quite a bit of stimulation as well.
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