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Vegas with My Naughty Client

Post #1

In the world of interior design it's mostly women and gay men as clients; being a young, single guy definitely has its benefits. This one started with work-related phone calls but quickly lead to her drunk dials and my naughty texts. We had met in passing once before, at a tradeshow, but I could hardly remember who she was. But as the texts turned into emails and naughty became downright dirty, I knew that we had to meet again.

I was headed to Vegas for yet another show and had planned to spend a few days with some friends before work began. But jobs and girlfriends caused them to back out and I saw my chance. I invited her to Vegas and knew she'd accept...after reading about so many of the naughty things she wanted to do to me, it was worth the risk to see if she was bluffing. Through our naughty email exchanges she had bragged about her oral prowess and her flexibility but it was her lust for anal that I couldn't shake out of my mind. She wanted her ass fingered, licked, and downright fucked. She wanted to be dirtier than she had ever been and she wanted to do it with me. I couldn't wait.

We met at The Hotel, one of the nicer, more modern Vegas giants. I got to there before her and showered, shaved, and groomed. The bathtub was big enough for 4 and I figured we'd make good use of it later. I tried my best to relax but the anticipation was relentless. When she finally knocked on the door, I was pleasantly surprised by her appearance. She looked better than I had vaguely remembered. But there wasn't much time to appreciate her, she was dripping and I was ready for her.

She threw me down onto the bed and mashed her lips against mine. She had channeled her nerves into passion and her lust was palpable. She looked at me with a grin and began to unzip my jeans. My cock sprang to life and she softly took it into her hand. She started her tongue at the base of my cock and slowly licked me from base to tip. Her tongue was so wet and warm and I could feel her breathe against me. She engulfed my entire cock in one quick swoop and started milking me with her throat as she tickled her tongue against the base of my cock. Damn, this girl had talent. I had been hard since london escorts the moment I boarded my plane that morning so it didn't take her long to make me cum. She quickened her pace and began sucking on my length harder. I looked her in the eye and told her I was ready to explode, she blew me as fast and hard as she could until I finally blasted my load down her throat. I smiled, so did she, this was going to be a fun weekend.

I crawled between her legs to repay her efforts. She was freshly shaven for the occasion and tasted sweet. I teased her, kissing her inner thighs and breathing and lightly grazing her clit. When I slowly licked the entire length of her slit she gasped and I pressed my flat tongue directly against her sex. Her moan made me hard again. My soft licked increased in tempo and strength with her moans, I felt her writhe and push against my tongue. I licked harder and deeper as I felt her begin to shake. As she started to come she lifted her hips off the bed...I knew she was silently asking me to give her little asshole attention.

I wet my thumb in her dripping pussy and as I took her engorged clit between my lips I slowly started circling her asshole with my thumb. The resulting response was unlike anything I had ever seen...I had released the animal within her. She groaned and grunted and tried to push my thumb deep into her ass. But I wasn't done teasing her and knew that I'd be enjoying her ass soon enough. I laughed at her desire and told her we'd continue our fun late.

Once she had recovered enough we decided to throw on some clothes and grab a few drinks at the lobby bar. I ordered a beer, she asked for a Long Island iced tea and 4 Patron silver shots. She was not fooling around. We each took two shots, then two more. The conversation was easier than I had feared it would be and the booze started to really loosen us up. She began to stroke my cock back to life through my jeans. Once I was once again rock hard she looked me in the eye and asked if I was ready to be dirty. Her smile meant she definitely wasn't bluffing.

She laid me down once again and started working her lips and tongue on my cock. Her pace was slower Escort Girl Dubai and less frantic than her first blow job and I could feel her enjoying every minute of it as much as I was. She continued to lick the underside and base of my cock and slowly worked her way down to my balls. She licked each and slowly lifted them, licking and kissing the sensitive underside. As she worked her way down further I started to flutter with anticipation. She slowly snaked her tongue past my balls and down my crack.

"You know, I've never done this before." She told me.

"I can't believe how naughty you are," I replied, "and you can't imagine how turned on you have me."

"Oh yes I can." She said smiling as she gripped her hand around my throbbing cock. As she slowly started to stroke my shaft she stuck out her tongue and softly grazed it against my asshole. I shuddered. So taboo, so dirty, and so hot. Again, she grazed me with her tongue. Again I shuddered. She let out a little giggle and so did I. But as she pressed her wet tongue fully against my ass and started to lick my naughtiest of places my giggle turned into a moan. Her tongue continued to lick and tongue at my ass causing sensations that I had never experienced before. Her licks were quick and light, soft and deep, hard and fast. She let go of my cock and focused her full attention to my ass. She paused long enough to look at me and then thrust her tongue into my asshole. She tongue fucked me; sliding herself into me as deep as she could causing me sensations that I had never experienced.

"Get on your hands and knees, I'm ready to fuck." I growled to her, my voice still uneasy from the pleasure that I just experienced. She leapt off the bed to dig through her purse for lube as I went to my suitcase for a condom. She added a little Astroglide to my condom to help ease the friction. I eased my cock into her warm pussy and buried it to the hilt with one thrust. She gasped as my cock pressed deep inside her, pushing against her back wall. Her breath shortened and eyes closed. We had been fucking for less than 30 seconds and she was already coming. I continued to fuck her as I licked my thumb and started independent escort dubai pushing it against her ass. She was in no mood for games pushed her ass back at me, practically begging for me to thrust it deeper inside her. My teasing was over and I forced my wet thumb as deep into her ass as deep as I could. She wanted more. She looked back at me and I knew what she was ready for without her needing to say it.

I pulled out of her pussy and slowly started pushing the tip of my cock against her ass. In my previous experience with anal sex, I have been very slow and patient but this was a time for lust, not restraint. She pushed her ass back against me and buried my cock deep within her ass without warning, without warm up, and without patience.

"Jesus, fuck!" She managed to gasp.

"You're not kidding, no warm up? Doesn't that hurt?"

"I like it, now fuck me deep and slow." That I did. I pushed myself deep within her soft, warm ass. Pulling out slowly and then forcing myself through her tightness all the way into her depths. She began bucking back against me. "Pull my hair." It was more a demand than I question and I yanked her hair hard as I picked up my pace and fucked her harder.

"Yes, that's it." She was encouraging me to fuck her deeper and harder. Just being in her ass wasn't enough, she wanted to be fucked. I pumped her harder as her ass tightened around me.

"Play with your clit as I fuck you." She moaned as her fingers danced across her clit.

"Yes, fuck me!" She cried, "fuck my ass like it's my pussy." She wanted more. I grabbed her hips and forced her onto my cock, pushing the entire length of my cock as deep as I could and fucked her ass with all my strength. She began to scream with a mix of pain and delight as I continued to fuck her harder and faster. I pushed her onto the bed with my cock still buried deep within her ass. She gasped again as my cock pushed even deeper. I was fucking her as hard as I ever pounded any pussy and she was loving every minute of it.

I pulled out of her ass and ripped off my condom. I began stroking my cock as she knelt in front of me, a wide smile on her face. "You can cum on my face if you want." I released burst after burst of cum across her face and tits, overwhelmed by the pleasure of fucking her ass. I collapsed onto the bed. She crawled towards me and put her head on my shoulder. She smiled.

"You ready to take a bath?"
06 Ağustos 2022, at 11:35

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