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A Piece of the Peace Officers Part Two

Post #1

A Piece of the Peace Officers
Written By: Mr. Mongo

?All right then, off comes your two?s minges,? laughed Sergeant Williams.

P.O. White and P.O. Akimba watched Sergeant Williams?s pull out all the materials needed to trim and shave their pussies. Both women shifted around nervously as they waited to be shaved in front of everyone in the pub. P.O. White?s face burned red and if P.O. Akimba was a little lighter in skin color, you would see her blush too. Four female constables grabbed the arms of the two naked peace officers to hold them still while they are groomed. Once the two peace officers were fully secure, Sergeant Williams approached them with battery-powered hair trimmers. The constables in the pub cheered when Sergeant Williams turned them on and held it high. When he bent over to shear off P.O. White?s shaggy brown pubic hair the P.O. began to tremble. The vibrations given off by the trimmers caused P.O. White to jump then shiver. White looked down and was shocked when she saw her pubic as it was sheared off and the hair hit the floor. When Sergeant Williams was through denuding P.O. White?s pubic hair, he invited everyone to touch her stubble. Every constable present began rubbing P.O. White?s pussy stubble and laughed at her. The humiliated P.O. White sobbed hard as the constables felt her rough stubble.

?Eeeeeew, it feels like a cactus,? laughed a constable?s young son.

?It feels like my husband?s cheeks in the morning,? laughed a female constable.

?Please stop, you all have felt stubble before,? cried Peace Officer White.

?But not your stubble luv,? said Jimmy the bar man as he tweaked her clit after he rubbed her pussy stubble.

Next up was P.O. Akimba with her nappy pubic hair. Sergeant Williams found he had to go over the black officer?s pubic hair several times to get the trimmers to cut through the course hair. When it was done, all the constables present walked up to feel her rough stubble.

?It feels like fucking sand paper,? laughed a female Indian constable while she made a look of disgust.

?You could light a match off that rough stuff,? said a constable he gave her pussy mound a good hard squeeze then a rub.

?No wonder so many black men chase white birds, black women?s minges scare them off,? laughed a male constable.

A young man opens P.O. Akimba?s pussy lips open to help expose her bright pink labia. ?Who look how pink her meat curtains is,? laughed the teenage son of one of the constables.

Once he had Akimba fully exposed the boy moved her pussy lips around to mimic lips on someone?s face. The boy made her say, ?You?re fucking nicked!?

The laughter that came from the pub after they saw the boy?s pussy puppet show brought in people passing by. None of the new people entering the pub could believe their eyes. All they saw were constables standing there degrading to naked woman. One bloke got his cellular phone out so fast to make a video; he pulled a muscle in his neck.

Grabbing a can of shaving cream Sergeant Williams lathered up both police officers? pussies. Each woman squirmed and cried when the sergeant began rubbing the foam in. Both Peace Officers looked ridiculous standing there with a laps full of thick shaving cream.

Running the razor across the peace officer?s stubbly pubic mounds Sergeant Williams looked up at each officer giving them a smile and a wink. When the peace officers were nice and smooth between their legs Sergeant Williams dragged them back to the stools. He sat P.O. White on his lap; using his knees to separate her legs, Sergeant Williams begins masturbating her until White was a great squirming wet mess. Getting into Sergeant Williams masturbation of her pussy, P.O. White began writhing against the sergeant?s chest as she got into it. The crowd of constables watched P.O. White make a slapper out of P.O. White. All the constables? video tapped her with their cell phones. When she came Sergeant Williams just drops the peace officer off his lap onto the pub floor. The Sergeant?s wipes his hands and fingers off into P.O. White?s hair. P.O. Whites was too out of it to protest how the Sergeant cleaned his hand.

?Right, get your plump arse over here,? demanded Sergeant Williams as he patted his lap.

Akimba held her hand over her mouth when she positioned herself on Sergeant William?s lap. P.O. Akimba prepared herself for the ultimate humiliation in front of a crowd of fellow officers. He grabbed hold of Akimba?s pussy and rubbed her clit for all Sergeant Williams was worth. The black peace officer squirmed around as she bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning. The constables jeered Akimba because she held her excitement in.

?Someone suck on her nipples. They look like chocolate drops see if they taste as good! Gooo oooon have at it,? demanded a constable in the back of the crowd.

Constable Swanson ran up to give one of Akimba?s big chocolate looking nipples a good suck and a lick. A laughing mother pushed her fifteen year old son up to help work Akimba?s free nipple. The boy blushed then tried to run back into the crowd, but two laughing male officers pushed him back towards Akimba?s nipple.

When the boy latched his lips around Akimba?s nipple, she could not take it any more. Akimba jerked her head back then made a series of ?Oooooohhh!? noises as she bucked her pelvis into the Sergeant?s hand.

?Oh, oh, the lad done set her off,? laughed Sergeant Williams.

?I?m, I?m sooorry,? screamed Akimba as she started to get really into being finger fucked.

?Oi lad, you ever see a grown woman cum,? laughed Sergeant london escort agency Williams.

The boy shook his head no. ?Right, get on your knees in front of this black bitch?s pussy,? said Sergeant Williams as he put three fingers into Akimba?s pussy. He applied pressure to Akimba?s G-Spot as he worked fingers back and forth on it.

Before the boy knew what was going on, P.O. Akimba began breathing funny then she did a hard pelvic thrust sending an arc of clear ejaculant into the boy?s face. The shock caused the boy to fall on his back then wipe his face off. All the constables including his mother just about shit their pants with laughter. The boy sat back up to see Akimba?s clit and labia pulsate from the hard orgasm she just had. The boy stared in awe as he gently ran his fingers all over her pulsating pussy.

?Go on, give her a good seeing to kid,? yelled a female constable.

P.O. Akimba could only make a soft cooing sound. When Akimba heard some say to the boy to fuck her, Akimba positioned herself so the boy could insert his cock in her pussy. The teenager saw Akimba?s pussy juices running down to her asshole.

?Go on Gavin, I won?t watch, I?ll go over to the other side of the pub until you have it off with her,? Gavin?s mother said as she walked to the other side of the pub.

?Go on lad, the nigger bitch wants it. You saw her move so you could fuck her better,? yelled a constable.

?When?s the next time you?re going to get a cracking bird like this,? said another male constable.

?Don?t worry luv, it ain?t got teeth, it won?t bite yer,? laughed constable Swanson as she helped Gavin up. Once Gavin was standing up he looked P.O. Akimba in the eyes. He saw she was in a state of ecstasy and did not care what happened to her newly shaved pussy.

Before Gavin could decide what to the burly Constable Doreen Swanson undid Gavin?s belt and trousers pulling them down to his ankles. Constable Swanson grabbed Gavin?s erection, and then slid him into Akimba?s waiting pussy. Akimba let out a gasp and then began to move her pelvis around. Still in ecstasy Akimba began fucking Gavin?s hard cock. Gavin still stood there in shock so Constable Swanson grabbed Gavin by his biceps and forced her pelvis against Gavin?s tight teen arse so she could use Gavin to fuck P.O. Akimba?s pussy.

The constable who watched constable Doreen Swanson use Gavin to fuck P.O. Akimba?s cunny went nuts. Some constables began pleasuring themselves right in the pub not caring that anyone saw them. Males and female constables were tugging or rubbing away like they did not give a fuck. Gavin could not believe what was going on. His friends right now are watching Doctor Who while a hot African woman is fucking him and a lesbian is bumping and grinding him into an African pussy. Gavin loved that everyone video tapped him as he fucked Akimba so he could have evidence of his conquest.

When Gavin was about to cum he pulled his erection out of P.O. Akimba?s pussy. Sergeant Williams put one hand behind P.O. Akimba?s head then forced it closer to Gavin?s cock. Constable Swanson grabbed Gavin?s hard on and began masturbating Gavin into P.O. Akimba?s face.

?Come on luv, give Constable Doreen a good hard squirt,? Constable Swanson said sweetly into Gavin?s ear. Constable Swanson turned her head to the crowd then said. ?I swear it?s like milking a cow!?

Everyone waited in suspense for Gavin to blow his load all over P.O. Akimba?s face. She tried to get away but Sergeant Williams had a good hold of the peace officer?s head.

?Please not in face, not in my face. You can cum on me tits or arse, but not in me face like some kinda slapper,? begged P.O. Akimba.

Constable Swanson jerked Gavin?s cock off with the hope to get P.O. Akimba right in the gob with Gavin?s spunk. The suspense was killing Constable Swanson. She decided to help things along by kissing Gavin on his neck and saying the filthiest things this lesbian has ever said to a man. Gavin came so hard and sudden it made Constable Doreen Swanson gasp and jump. Gavin?s load hit P.O. Akimba?s nose and a little in her open mouth. Akimba was getting ready to spit Gavin?s spunk out of her mouth.

?Don?t you fucking dare spit that cum out your mouth,? warned Constable Swanson.

P.O. Akimba swallowed hard to avoid the wrath of the burly Constable Doreen Swanson. The crowd cheered when Akimba swallowed. The crowd then laughed hysterically at the face Akimba made when she swallowed Gavin?s cum. He pulled his trousers back up then Gavin disappeared into the crowd. All the constables both male and female patted Gavin on the back for such a good show.

Constable Doreen Swanson began getting out of her kit right in front of the other officers. All the constables began cheering her on as Swanson did a silly exaggerated strip tease. Stripped down to just her cap Constable Swanson began motioning to the crowd of leering constables. Doreen Swanson did not look half bad naked, if a bloke fancied thick bird. She had a thick build with pendulous breasts and a ginger minge shaved into a landing strip. Constable Doreen Swanson had reddish brown hair but had a surprisingly bright red minge. Constable Swanson broke out into silly and sexy poses as the constables applauded and cheered.

?Oi, lookit Doreen?s ginger minge,? laughed a female Indian constable as she leaned forward to give Doreen?s minge a good rub for luck. Doreen gave several pelvic thrusts as constables reached to touch her minge.

Doreen Swanson put her hands behind head then put one leg up on a barstool to give the crowd a good look at her ginger independent escort girls pussy.

?Any of you strapping lads going to let me use you to fuck that little white bird over there,? asked Constable Doreen Swanson.

Female constables in the crowd began to playfully push male constables forward until one male constable downs the last of his pale ale and steps forward. The crowd went wild as the officer made his way forward.

Doreen Swanson looked the officer up and down then said, ?You?ll do in a pinch!?

After he pushed P.O. Akimba off his lap Sergeant Williams whistled to P.O. White then pointed to his lap. P.O. White cried as she climbed up onto Sergeant Williams?s lap.

?There, there P.O. White, stiff upper lip and all that rubbish. If you relax you might like,? Sergeant Williams said as he tried to calm the little peace officer down. To get P.O. White ready to be mounted and fucked Sergeant Williams began playing P.O. White?s nipples as she whined and squirmed around.

Grabbing the constable volunteer by the hand, a naked Constable Doreen Swanson led him to P.O. White so she could use him to fuck the little peace officer.

?What?s your name then,? asked Doreen Swanson

?Ben Richards,? constable Richards said as he undid his trousers.

Constable Doreen Swanson reached down to grab Constable Richards by his cock. She checked to see if Richards had what it takes. The male constable had a good eight inches of throbbing cock for Doreen to use to humiliate P.O. White.

Constable Richards felt Constable Swanson?s ginger minge rub against his ass. He also could not help but feel how wet she was.

?Please don?t fuck me, not in front of all these people,? begged a crying P.O. White.

?Do you want this fine lad to get blue balls? Look how worked up you got him,? asked Constable Swanson.

?You got him all worked up! Why don?t you fuck him then,? said P.O. White with a pout.

?Me fuck Constable Richards! I?m a lesbian luv. I?m a true minge muncher for sure,? laughed Constable Swanson. The crowd could hardly believe what constable Swanson said as they watched her finger Constable Richards cock from behind like Swanson loved hard cock.

Constable Swanson saw how small looking P.O. White?s pussy was so she slid Constable Richard?s cock in an inch at a time. After he felt how tight P.O. White?s pussy was he slowly began to fuck the tight cunny. Feeling sorry for the peace officer Doreen reached around Richards as he fucked P.O. White. She rubbed P.O. White?s clit hoping it would stimulate the peace officer?s pussy enough that P.O. White could take the cock better. With her head hung down P.O. White took Richards?s eight-inch cock the best she could. The humiliation was so great it caused P.O. White?s face and chest to turn red with humiliation. Every time Richard pulled his cock back before he thrusted it back into White?s cunny, bystanders could see little bit of pink flesh as it gripped Richards?s cock.

?Holy shit that?s a tight pussy,? said a constable in awe.

?She got some grip down there,? Constable Richards said as he slowly fucked the little peace officer.

?It hurts, please stop,? begged P.O. White as she started to sob again.

?I have a looser cunny than that bitch and I only ever had blokes in me,? laughed Constable Swanson.

?I?m almost done luv,? said Constable Swanson said as he sped up his fucking.

?Awwww, poor wittle peace officer can?t take a good fuck?n,? said Constable Swanson in a little girl?s voice that caused P.O. White to blubber even harder.

?The only thing that?ll fix that little one?s cunny another big cock,? said Jimmy the bar man after he pulled out his thick veiny twelve-inch cock. Once P.O. White saw that her eyes got as big as saucers and immediately stopped crying from the shock of seeing a cock that big.

The crowd went crazy when they saw Jimmy come over to pull his big Northerner cock out for P.O. White.

?Hurry up and cum ya silly bugger, We want to see that little bird split in half by that monster cock,? yelled a female constable

Two female constables ran up to Constable Richards. The first one began kissing him on his neck while rubbing his hairy balls. The second female constable began rubbing on Richard?s abdomen and using her free hand to rub her fingers through Richards?s pubic hair. The second female constable whispered some of the filthiest things constable Richard?s ever heard causing the young officer to blush. Before he could say anything he came into P.O. White?s pussy.

?Now bugger off so can Jimmy take that little bird to school,? laughed Constable Swanson.

P.O. White put up a fight not wanting to have her pussy wrecked by that big northern cock. It took six constables to restrain the petite P.O. White. She put up a good fight but there were too many constables who wanted to see her pussy wrecked. The six constables lifted P.O. White off the ground then flipped her so her belly faced the floor and her tight little ass is in the air. Even while suspended by six constables, P.O. White kicked, screamed, and struggled while Jimmy positioned himself to fuck the suspended peace officer.

Constable Swanson leaned forward to spit on Jimmy?s cock to give him some lubrication. Jimmy grabbed P.O. White by her hips while Constable Swanson began to insert Jimmy?s cock into the tight little pussy.

?No, no, no please don?t,? begged P.O. White as she flailed her legs like a little girl trying to avoid a spanking.

When Jimmy sank his cock into P.O. White?s pussy the little peace officer let out Escort in dubai a shriek as her pussy is forced to take the mammoth cock. With every thrust she let out a ?Yipe!? She made herself sound like a wounded Chihuahua. The crowd cheered Jimmy on as P.O. White trembled from the pain and humiliation she felt. With a loud grunt Jimmy arched his back filling her cunny with his Northern spunk. When he pulled his cock out of P.O. White?s pussy the six constables let her drop to her floor. All P.O White could do was ball up into the fetal position.

?Oh please stand up and stop whinging, you little baby,? said Constable Swanson as she made P.O. White stand up.

?I can?t get up, my pussy hurts,? said a pouting P.O. White as she tried to make her body go limp so Constable Swanson could not make her get up.

?We will be having none of that! Get up we ain?t done yet,? yelled Constable Swanson as she pushed the wounded peace officer next to her African partner. With her hand rubbing her swollen pussy, P.O. White staggered back to stand next to P.O. Akimba.

?What shall we have them do next,? laughed Constable Swanson as she rubbed her clit with excitement.

?Let em? smack each other?s tits off,? said Sergeant Williams as he picks up the fiberglass baton.

?I got another baton behind the bar,? Jimmy said as he put his cock away.

Sergeant Williams hands both peace officers a fiberglass baton, then he made them face one another.

?Here?s the rules. Each one of you get to hit the others tits. You keep exchanging hits until I blow my whistle. Jimmy fucks anyone who quits in the arse. Get it?? yelled Sergeant Williams.

Both naked peace officers nodded their heads in unison as they prepared to exchange smacks. P.O. White went first. She smacked Akimba in her tit causing Akimba to wince in pain. P.O. White braced for impact when P.O. Akimba smacked White?s tit with her baton. Akimba hit White?s breast harder than what she got hit causing P.O. White to go from humiliation to hatred.

?You fucking nigger! What the bloody hell is wrong with you! I didn?t smack your tit so hard,? screamed a pissed off P.O. White as she rubbed her right tit.

Paybacks are a bitch. P.O. White swung her baton like a cricket bat hitting P.O. Akimba under her tit. The hit caused the tit to flop upwards and the crowd to go wild. Akimba bent over as she cried and rubbed her sore breast.

?I didn?t fucking hit you that hard Colleen! What?s wrong with you,? cried P.O. Akimba.

When it was Akimba lifted one leg up so she could get a really good smack against P.O. White?s left tit. Akimba swung her with all her might just about sent P.O. White?s poor titty into orbit. White jumped up and down as she shrieked in pain. She never felt so much pain her left tit before.

?Ok, ok that?s it. You two sluts can?t play nice together,? yelled Sergeant Williams as he took away the batons.

?I know! Lets make them kiss and make up,? laughed a still naked Constable Swanson. Swanson grabbed P.O. Akimba as she forced the black peace officer to lie on the floor.

Sergeant Williams made P.O. White get on top of P.O. Akimba forcing them into a sixty-nine position.

?Get to minge munching you two,? ordered Constable Swanson.

Both peace officers licked, teased, and sucked each other?s cunnies. All the two peace officers could do was writhe around and moan from the pleasure they got from their partner. The two peace officers were straight, but they loved they way their pussies felt.

The crowd of constables placed bets on who would be first to cum. Each officer cheered his or her favorite on to be the first to cum. Every once in a while an excited male constable would walk up to ejaculate on the two peace officers as they got each other off on the dirty floor.

Peace Officer Akimba began writhing around like a bitch in heat as she was about to cum. The excited African peace officer grabbed P.O. White?s arse, as she was about to have a hard orgasm. Akimba sounded like a wounded cow as she came. Out of spite P.O. White kept licking and sucking Akimba?s pussy.

As she stood up, Akimba repositioned P.O. White?s body so her tits were on the ground and her minge in Akimba?s face. The crowd of constables can?t believe what they are seeing. Akimba had gone off her nut and is eating P.O. White?s pussy like her life depended on it.

When P.O. White finally came she was in a push up position with her legs resting on Akimba?s shoulders. Akimba licked and sucked trying to male her little white partner to cum her head off. The sound that came from P.O. White?s mouth was ear splitting. No man had ever made P.O. White feel like this before.

The peace officers stood there panting after having a good hard cum. Constable Doreen Swanson rubbed their backs with a big smile on her face.

?Minge is good eat?n,? laughed Constable Swanson.

?Ok, these two had enough,? laughed Sergeant Williams.

?Can we trust them to keep their gobs shut if we let them go,? asked Constable Swanson, as she got dressed back into her uniform.

?If these CUNNT?s want to put us out of work, how about we make them redundant,? said Sergeant Williams.

?We can hold these two peace officers in the cellar. There is no way out of there,? suggested Jimmy.

?We show up for work tomorrow like we don?t know we are about to be sacked. When we are made redundant we start taking these so called peace officers off the street then bring them back here for more of the same these two got,? yelled Sergeant Williams.

The crowd of sacked constables cheered wildly when they heard Sergeant Williams?s plan.

?Make sure everyone nicks their radios, cuffs, and CS gas when we get sacked. We will be needing them to organize this operation,? yelled Constable Swanson over the cheering crowd.
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