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A new day, a new me part 11

Post #1

I know it takes me a bit to put these out; I either put out small bursts or a longer chapter. In case people don?t understand the whole work/family/obligations thing it keeps me from writing most of the time. Anyway back to work.

Buzzer goes off at six and I?m out of bed as quietly and quickly as my body will move me. I get into my work out shorts and a tank top and creep through the house and bypass anything not resembling the garage/gym. I stretch out a bit then it?s all heavy bag, it takes about ten minutes for my body to wake up when I really start to feel my bruises. As much as it hurts I keep remembering the kick that broke my nose, the last bat swing, getting blinded and held down so some Indian fuck can tell me why he hates the fact that I have a big enough cock to fuck his fiancé and he doesn?t.

I don?t know how long I?ve been hitting the bag but it?s not moving like it was when I started. I stop and pull back from the body shots I?m giving ?gigantor? number 1 to see my dad holding the bag. I move into kicks and I never understood that fucking Rocky movie and breaking ribs in a side of beef until now.

?You going to talk to me about it or should I just tell your mother that you?re having serious issues,? Dad asks me still holding the bag.

I shrug and let off another kick and take the tape off my feet to check. Dad points me to the bench and sits me down to do the check himself.

?I have to tell your mother something boy,? Dad asks again.

?I want pain, I want to give pain and I want to lick the blood and tears off their faces and have their families watch me do it,? I reply angrier than I was that first day when I found Heather and Derek in the music room.

?Okay, so tell her you?re working things out and will be fine,? Dad says smiling.

I look at him with a puzzled look, did I just get a blessing or an alibi. Dad rewraps my foot and we get back to me and the heavy bag. We?re at it for I don?t even keep track of how long before he stops me and directs me to the shower. I pass Mom in the dining room who smiles weakly to me and gets back to making breakfast.

I?m out of the shower and see that it?s about eight in the morning; I get dressed and watch as the girls pile out of their rooms for breakfast. I get through my second plate and realize that Mom, Liz and Katy are all staring at me while Dad eats and reads the paper.

?Am I interesting this morning,? I ask downing my last piece of bacon.

?Are you feeling okay honey,? Mom asks.

I shrug and clear my plate in the sink then head off to my room to look at facebook and I decide to update my status. ?Up and fighting mad, good breakfast and time to fuck people up? I leave on the page. I read the post and get to site surfing.

I cool off after a bit and see it?s eleven when I get a knock on my door. Jun steps in and freezes when he sees my face.

?Holy Christ did you get into a fight with the football team,? Jun asks closing the door.

?Nope but I really want to meet up with them again,? I reply letting him have the chair.

He takes the seat shaking his head and plugs my phone into his laptop then both of them into my computer. I let him work and get a book and hop onto my bed to read.

?Okay so what did you say to my Mom the other day,? Jun finally asks me.

?Why man, does it matter,? I reply remembering his mom.

?Dude she is calmer than I?ve ever seen her, she is taking Natsuko out for shopping and lunch, they are buying me clothes while they are out, and my Dad apparently got lucky for the first time since before Natsuko was born cause he?s smiling,? Jun tells me looking up from the computers.

I shrug and head over to the computer/cable thing Jun has assembled. He runs over all the technical babble about phone book, sim card and salvageable info. He uploads my phone numbers to my address book on my computer when Katy pops in.

?Hey Jun, Guy your Mom says she?s gonna go get you a new phone and I?m getting some clothes,? Katy hesitates on the last word,? We?ll be back later since you have company. Oh Jun, be here when I get back so you can walk me through my studies.?

?Alright, get yourself a tough hooded jacket,? I tell Katy as she heads out.

?Did she just talk to me like a person,? Jun asks me.

I chuckle and go over the whole story of what happened when I got jumped and that I knew one of the guys who did it. As we?re talking I notice he?s wearing blue jeans and a thin white T-shirt.

?So what?s with the shirt,? I ask.

?Only t-shirts I own are undershirts,? Jun tells me pulling at the thin white shirt.

?Here man, wear this and get it back when you get better ones,? I tell him tossing him a black JTHM shirt,? Also tell your sister or mom to get you a tough hooded coat.?

I watch him put my shirt on and send off a text message to one of the women. I get back to showing him my bruises on my chest and back.

?So you?re going to get even with them I?m guessing,? Jun asks.

?No, I?m going to make shit hurt,? I reply coldly.

?So what can I do man,? Jun asks me.

I pause for a second. He wants in, he?s known me for less than a week and he?s going to help me beat some ass. I start laughing till my bruises stop me and he?s got a puzzled and pissed look on his face.

?What the hell is so funny,? Jun asks hotly.

?When was the last time you were actually in a fight,? I get out trying to slow my breathing.

?Doesn?t matter, you can kick some people around and they?re just going to hit you back. If you really want to get payback you need to hit them with something that says ?I can own your ass?,? Jun says calming back down.

?Okay consigliore, get me info so I can break them but I will kick someone?s ass for this,? I tell him pointing to my nose and the stitches on my head.

I tell him exactly what was said and let him do the networking with his friends. While he works we bullshit about school and girls, he tells me he couldn?t get the girl to come by the day he brought Katy to his place. I sit back and think about it for a few minutes. We discuss Katy being here and I explain the situation and have him save all the pictures on my phone. I walk him through how to talk to the girl he wants and what to do if she hesitates.

?Okay so what if she flat out says no,? Jun asks.

?Then you walk; don?t talk to her unless she finds you. Don?t hang out around her, and don?t speak to her friends about her,? I tell him,? If she?s interested she?ll come to you otherwise she ain?t worth the work you?ll do to get her to pay attention.

My facebook starts getting messages from Mathilda on it. Jun lets me have the chair and I respond that I?m here. She says she tried texting me, I tell her about my phone when I hear a clicking. Jun is taking pics of my nose and stitches with his camera phone. I get back to Mathilda and tell her what happened, she gives me the ?wait that was you and you?re still alive?. Apparently the rumor is that a high school student was mugged and beaten to death. I ask her what she?s doing today and agree to meet up with her when she?s free in an hour; she says she?ll pick me up since I should avoid walking.

?Wait, you?re dating Katy and some girl named Kori, now you?re going to meet another girl from another school named Mathilda later today,? Jun says to me confused.

?Is there a question in there or just a statement of my life,? I ask Jun.

?Well I?m just wondering if you?re starting a harem or something,? Jun inquires.

I try to explain the situation with Kori and Katy, and then add to it some of the other women I?ve been with since this whole thing started leaving out Tracy and his mom.

?So what do I do if Katy tries to pay me for help with school work with sex,? Jun finally asks.

?Well since you?re not with the mystery girl then I say go for it if that?s what she?s doing,? I tell him calmly,? honestly since Katy and Kori know I?m having sex with other girls I figure that you?re safe enough.?

He nods and gets back to his friend networking; I start to hate this part of the game. I?m stuck watching other people gather information while I sit around nursing wounds and get angrier about not doing. The door opening snaps me to my senses, its Dad motioning me out to the living room. I round the corner and see all 6?4? Amazon build of Mathilda clad in blue jeans and a flannel shirt with a denim jacket.

?Are you heading out and is the Asian boy staying here,? Dad asks.

I head back and grab my coat, leaving Jun instructions for what I want with information and to leave me a message on my computer if Lajita wants to talk to me. I tell Dad everything will be fine I just need to clear my head and step out with Mathilda. We step out and I see she?s got her little car with her and I pile in the passenger?s side and we head away from my home.

?It?s been over a week,? Mathilda decides to break the silence,? and you haven?t called or texted or nothing. Now you want to meet up and you look like you?ve been beaten with a stick.?

?It was a bat,? I reply chuckling,? they hit me with a bat.?

?You got jumped and now you wanna hang out with me,? Mathilda asks pulling into a decentish neighborhood.

?I need someone I can talk to who isn?t everyday involved in my life,? I tell her as we pull into a single floor house?s driveway.

We get out of her small car and she unlocks the door letting me inside. It?s a little like true bachelors pad only a little cleaner, older furniture and random mail piled up next to one recliner. I pass the living room and follow Mathilda to her room. I never thought I would walk into the room my dad probably dreamed of for me as a baby but I just did. Sports posters on the wall, a damn weight bench in the corner and a twin bed up against the wall for space. I let Mathilda take a spot on her bench while I sit on her bed.

?So not many guys come over I take it,? I ask moving back up against the wall.

?I don?t get much company period,? Mathilda tells me looking at her hands in her lap,? I don?t have a lot of friends at school.?

?You are the captain of your basket ball team and you don?t have friends,? I ask slightly dumbfounded.

?I?m a freak, Dad raised me for years and now that I?m old enough he takes more work driving truck,? She tells me still staring down,? I got weights for my fourteenth birthday for fuck?s sake.?

?And I?m the product of a drunk and an ex-military combat junkie,? I tell her pulling back my hood,? You are a six foot Amazon, just figure out what you want and do it. I know why I?m here but do you??

Mathilda finally breaks from looking at her hands and looks straight at me with a little fear and sadness. I watch her get up and motion me to stay put while she heads out of the room. I take my cue and strip down to my boxer briefs and lay down under the covers.

?Okay, if you laugh I swear to god I?m going to make what happened to you this weekend look like a trip to Disney land,? I hear Mathilda ask from the hallway.

I watch Mathilda come back around the corner, yellow lace bra and matching panties. I pull the blankets back and invite her over into her own bed. She walks over quickly and slides into bed with me, pulling the blankets over us.

?I?m really nerv?,? Mathilda gets about that far when I stop her talking with a kiss.

I start to wrap her up in my arms when I get pull by my hips and rolled onto my back. Quickly my shorts get yanked off and I watch Mathilda slip under the covers. I feel Mathilda take my cock in her hand, it?s rough and unfamiliar as I let her stroke me hard when I feel her lips on my cock. It?s warm and wet but not familiar take maybe 2 inches at a time.

?Okay, put your hand on what?s not in your mouth and work it up and down while you use your mouth,? I tell her pulling the blankets off her head.

I feel her put her hand back onto my cock as she follows my instructions slowing giving me her presumably first blowjob. Mathilda starts slow and almost methodical but it?s starting to feel good and I am fully hard now but I want more. I let her keep working while I move us to our sides and after some prodding have her facing me on her side in a sixty nine. I get her to spread her legs a little bit, I realize she could probably crush my skull with her thighs but I pull the nicest panties I?ve seen aside and start tonguing her clit. Mathilda reacts immediately with moaning on my cock and lets it fall from her mouth gasping; I wrap my arm around her hip and bury my face into her pussy.

I realize that she shaved for this since that night in the locker room as I take my tongue and run it in circles along the london escort agency entrance to Mathilda?s pussy. I can hear her moaning loudly but nothing prepares me for the leg vice on my head, I can?t move so I shove my tongue as deep as I can get it into her pussy. I can feel Mathilda trying to put my cock back in her mouth but all I get are light licks when she locks up again and I take my first real taste of Mathilda as I get a rush of her juices in my mouth.

?Oh fucking shit I came,? Mathilda tells me gasping.

I muffle out ?I noticed? from between her legs, she lets go and I get some air in my lungs and roll onto my back. I feel movement on the bed and see Mathilda stripping out of her panties. I sit up and move to my knees, I let her get her panties off before pushing her down onto her hands and knees. I move up behind her pushing her knees together and slam the whole of my cock inside Mathilda?s pussy.

Mathilda?s pussy is tighter like this and it feels better with each thrust, I see trying to keep her face in the blankets on her bed. It?s good but I get that feeling like something?s missing; I?m not wanting a soft time with her. I grab Mathilda by her blonde hair and pull her face out of the blanket, the angle lets her squeeze me harder and I keep hammering in and out of her pussy. Finally I get her to stop gritting her teeth and starts moaning with each thrust.

?I?m gonna cum in you soon,? I tell her accentuating each word with a thrust.

?No, wait,? Mathilda tells me trying to stop,? I?m not on birth control.?

?Well you should figure something out soon,? I smirk down at her still watching my cock hammer in and out.

I slap Mathilda?s ass and get a quick gasp, I see her try to get her balance but I keep her head where I want it. More hammering and I can feel her tighten up like she?s coming again; I thrust fast in and out then just stop suddenly.

?What, why did you stop? I almost came,? Mathilda asks me.

?Well maybe it?s my turn,? I tell her leaving my cock buried in her,? Now you tell me why you should get to cum again if I can?t cum the way I want??

I grind my hips against hers, Mathilda moans from the teasing. I watch as she starts bucking her own hips back onto my cock to get herself off. I smile a little at her attempts then slowly start to pull out of Mathilda?s pussy.

?No please don?t stop,? Mathilda begs me with half my cock still inside her.

?What?s in it for me,? I ask slowly pushing back inside.

?Ohhhhh, I?ll take it in the mouth or whatever just let me finish pleeeeease,? Mathilda begs me trying to keep her hips still.

?Okay,? I tell her, then letting go of her hair I grab her hips and start thrusting as fast as I can,? Does my new bitch want to cum now??

?Yes, please make me cum,? Mathilda moans out.

?Tell me what you are and I?ll finish in your mouth,? I tell her thrusting deeply into her pussy.

?I?m your bitch, make your bitch come please,? Mathilda begs looking back at me.

It?s all the consent I need; I reach under her and start rubbing her clit while taking short thrusts in and out of her pussy. It takes a few seconds before Mathilda lets out a loud groan and I feel her squirt on my balls. I get that tingle and pull out of her pussy and lay down on my back, motioning her to my cock. I get her face over my cock and shove it into her mouth. She put her hands on the bed as I face fuck four inches in and out of her mouth. I feel the tingle again and holding Mathilda?s head in place shoot off into her mouth and throat. Mathilda panics for a little bit and gags but I feel her swallow as much as she can. I let her head go and she quickly lets my deflating cock fall from her mouth. I rest my head on her pillow while Mathilda steps out from the room for a minute.

After a couple minutes I see her come back in from the bathroom, she sits down next to where I?m laying on the bed in her nice lingerie.

?So I?m your bitch now,? Mathilda tells me smirking.

?Well I have two girlfriends who know I?m having sex with other girls, might as well just round it out to three,? I tell her checking my stitches on my head.

?Let me see those,? Mathilda takes my head in her hands and turns it to look,? That was defiantly better than the first time by the way. I just wish some of the bitches at my school could have seen me fucking like a porn star. It?d make them jealous little bitches.?

?Wait a minute,? I bolt up from the bed,? What did you just say??

?It was better than the first time we had sex,? Mathilda says puzzled.

?No, the other thing,? I ask her.

?I figure if the girls who think I?m a freak at school saw us having sex like that they?d be jealous,? Mathilda says again more puzzled now than before.

It hits me like a bolt from on high, Lajita?s ?fiancé? was the ringleader. I warned Derek but he talked him into it. I can get to Derek and the other?s but that asshole needs a real lesson in payback. And now thanks to Mathilda I got the best idea I?ve had all weekend. I take Mathilda by the head and kiss her deep and softly till she relaxes up against me. We stop kissing after a few minutes and she rests her head in my lap as I sit against the wall on her bed.

?So are we going to even see each other again,? Mathilda asks me quietly.

?Yes, you?re the tough girlfriend,? I tell her smiling,? and you?re brilliant. But I don?t like you being at another school so I think you should transfer at the beginning of next year.?

My not-so-little Amazon girlfriend perks up to the thought and I have her and I start getting dressed, it?s been about an hour and I know I?ve got to bring Jun and Katy up to speed. We head back home in Mathilda?s car and I promise her I?m not playing around with her as my third girlfriend.

I get back inside at home and am greeted by a new cell phone and Jun is walking Katy through math at the table. I text Kori and Mathilda immediately with my phone to let them know I?m back in communication and decide to chill out in my room till dinner.

The rest of the evening goes fairly well. Dinner happened with Jun joining us and his mother and Natsuko coming by to pick him up after dinner. Jun?s Mom recognized me immediately but simply smile and greeted me like we?d never met before confusing the hell out of her children. After they leave I head back to my room. It takes about ten minutes before I have Katy coming into my room unannounced.

?Okay so what is the deal with the giant your Dad was talking about,? she ask me sprawling out on my bed.

?Tough girlfriend,? I tell her sitting down at my computer,? she kinda rounds it out to a good number for me. Plus I am pretty sure you and Kori aren?t the jealous types.?

?So Jun is really wanting to help with your whole revenge thing and I?m wondering where I stand in all this,? Katy tells me changing the subject.

I start to lay out some of the details for my plan and stress that if I don?t get Lajita to speak to me it?s gonna be more fighting and less fun. We talk a little more before I decide that I need some sleep and kick Katy out so I can get up tomorrow.

I have my first Monday with Katy in the house and it goes about as well as expected. I?m up sore, showered in pain and eat breakfast while mom checks my stitches and nose. Tracy shows up on time to take us to school. I get in the back with Kori and sit in the middle so Katy can sit on the other side of me. I?m gently cuddled on the way to school.

My arrival at school is met by staring and people whispering, probably about what happened to me. I exit the car and pull my hood up to see Katy wearing her black and green tripp pants with a ?Slipknot? band t shirt and Kori has her brown Capri pants and a blue sport tank top on. What catches my eye more so is once out of the car both Katy and Kori , Katy a denim one with some studs in the shoulder and some different patches and Kori a bright green hoodie with angel wings on the back in fake stones. I smile about the coats and they flank me as we head off to class, I watch Kori and Katy head off to their classes after getting a kiss from both and I get to my first period.

Not much happened in classes and Kori, Liz, Jun, Natsuko and some new Asian girl sit at the table ?my? lunch table. I can hear people talking while I eat but a poke from Liz draws my attention to Lajita sitting at a table with an Indian boy and two larger guys, one black and one islander I think.

?Liz, I want their names and either I meet with Lajita today or I swear you?ll have to live with the stigma of ?my brother killed people during lunch?,? I get out of my mouth growling.

Liz pats me on the shoulder and I watch her head over Lajita?s table and after some talking her and Lajita get up and leave the cafeteria.

?Hey Guy are you doing okay,? Jun asks from his seat at the table.

?I?m wonderful,? I tell him finally noticing the girl with glasses next to him,? Who is she, and why the fuck is she at my table.?

?Dude, this is my new girlfriend Lilly,? Jun gestures to his girl in glasses.

I take a second to actually acknowledge this girl, a little heavy set but cute, shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. I nod to her and finish my meal when my phone goes off, it?s Liz and she says to meet her in the by the library.

?Meet me in the Gym during homeroom,? I tell everyone at the table and head off to the library.

I get to the library and see Liz talking to a scared Lajita. Both turn to greet me but it?s Lajita who looks nervous. I nod to Liz and she heads back to the cafeteria leaving us alone.

?Did I do something you didn?t like,? I ask Lajita from my hood.

?No,? Lajita answers sheepishly.

?Then why did your ?fiancé? get his goons to do this,? I say pulling my hood back and letting her see my broken nose and stitches.

That?s when the waterworks start, Lajita starts crying and speaking in her language. I let her calm down and have her sit on one of the benches.

?He?s not my fiancé, my parents didn?t want to let me marry him and he?s taken it very personal,? Lajita tells me wiping her tears.

?Well then I need your help getting him back,? I tell her kneeling down.

?But he?ll just have his friends come after you again, fighting won?t fix this,? Lajita tells me quietly.

?I have a plan but you need to help me, either that or I get to use some gratuitous violence,? I tell her smiling.

?Okay but what is it you have in mind,? she asks me.

?During homeroom meet me in the Gym,? I tell her helping her up then heading off to class.

Fifth period is the point I have been waiting on since Saturday when I enter the classroom and see Derek and Heather sitting and talking at their old seats. I enter with my hood back and watch them get quiet as I take my seat. Class goes well aside from the creepy quiet in the seats behind me. At the end of class I turn to Derek and smile.

?Is something wrong Derek, did you want to say something to my face,? I smile at him coldly.

?Man are you okay or something, we can talk if you want,? Derek asks nervously.

?Sure, what did you do last Friday, you two go off and have some fun,? I ask still cold.

?Ummm, Derek was hanging out with his family Friday because I had practice,? Heather says wondering what I?m talking about.

I just smile big and head out to homeroom with my hood up. It takes a second to get a slip for the Gym and I head out. Girls are having basketball practice and I see that I?m the last one to show up for my meeting. Kori and Katy are quiet while Liz, Lajita, Natsuko and Jun are chatting amongst themselves.

?I know some of you are with me in what I have planned but I am going to need everyone?s help to pull this off,? I start telling them,? Liz I need information from you, I want to know who the goon squad is with the guy who?s stalking Lajita. Katy and Natsuko I need to meet with whoever heads up the punk groups in school soon. Jun you?re my right hand on this, I need eyes in the back of my head and you have your ?geek? squad to make it happen.?

I start to lay out different details on my plan to everyone, I learn that the ?fiancé? is called Kamran and his goon squad is with him for four classes and his homeroom. I let everyone figure out their parts when I get pulled aside by Kori and Katy.

?Okay, I think you need to calm down babe,? Kori tells me,? your plan isn?t going to work.?

?What part,? I ask half heartidly.

?Okay, I don?t know what you?re going to do about Derek or Kamran, but the other two guys you?re just going to lead into a field and beat with a bat,? Kori says with a ?really? expression.

?I?m independent escort girls waiting for the negative on this Kori,? I reply.

?You follow my plan then and I?ll get rid of the goons,? Kori tells me heading off to where Tracy is practicing with her team.

I start to follow when Katy sits me down on the bleachers. I watch her move behind me and pulling my hood back she checks the stitches on my head. I close my eyes and just enjoy her hands touching my head when she starts talking.

?I can take you to talk to John today,? Katy tells me,? but he?s either gonna fight you or want to fuck me to get whatever you?re asking for.?

?Okay, so I get to fight him. Is he like a martial arts god or something,? I ask Katy leaning back into her lap.

?Wait, you want to fight him. I could just have sex with him,? Katy says with a level of disbelief.

?Katy, maybe I didn?t make it clear when I said you were MY girlfriend,? I tell her smiling,? now where the fuck do I find Johnny boy??

She gets up from behind me and leads me out of the Gym to the parking lot. At the far lot I get to a black station wagon with a group of punks sitting around it. I motion Katy to wait and putting my hood up approach alone.

?Which one of you is John,? I ask loudly.

I watch the crowd part and get to look at Johnny, about six foot tall black guy. He has a short Mohawk and is wearing torn up tank top and olive green cargo pants. I see enough piercings in his face to make one Swiss army knife.

?Who the fuck are you and what the fuck you want,? Johnny rudely asks.

?I?m Guy, I was told you were the one who didn?t need to live at home because you have flop houses,? I tell him being annoyingly polite.

?I got my own places yeah, why the fuck do you want to know,? Johnny asks me again.

?Well I want to use one to really fuck up this preppy kid,? I tell him still with the ultra polite tones.

I hear Johnny and his friends laughing, not sure why but he places his hand on my shoulder I?m guessing to help with his joke.

?Get the fuck out of here,? Johnny tells me walking away.

?Really want me to leave,? I pull my hood back so Johnny and his friends can see my face,? What about after I get back to the office bleeding from my stitches after you assaulted me.?

?What the fuck are you talking about, you?re not?,? is about as far as Johnny gets as I reach up and pull the first stitch out of my head.

Seeing that I have their attention I start walking forward and remove the second stitch. Its amazes me that as much as it hurts I?m still marveling at people with amateur tattoos and piercings looking like they?re going to vomit. I back Johnny up to his car by the time I get the third stitch out.

?You?re hyena?s, you look really tough and as a group you are very scary looking,? I tell Johnny wiping some blood on my hand,? but aside from that what do you do? Nothing, now either you or I come to an agreement or we find out how much blood can leak out of my head before people call the authorities.?

I place my bloody hand on his shoulder and watch him just stare at me in a level of disbelief. The other punks have cleared a circle around us and aren?t really moving, just standing wondering what I?m going to do next.

?Okay, I?ll help but seriously are you going to kill this guy you?re after,? Johnny asks me.

?No, that would be too easy, I?m going to ruin his dreams,? I reply smiling.

I take my hand off Johnny?s shoulder and walk back over to Katy who as soon as I get close just kisses me on the spot. I enjoy the moment till she pulls back and marches me to the nurse?s office. I get my head wrapped and tell the nurse it was itchy and I didn?t realize what I had done till too late. School ends and I catch the bus with Katy, Kori and Liz home.

My afternoon and evening are pretty normal; Mom is upset about my stitches. I?m sitting at my computer when I get a chat message from Lajita asking me what I?m planning for Kamran and her. I tell her it?ll happen soon and it?ll be after school if she can get free, she replies that she?ll help but doesn?t want to be a part of any violence. I make no promises and end the conversation with that.

Tuesday morning is another uneventful start to a fairly boring day. I get up out and to school like normal. It?s the start of third period when my phone buzzes in my coat. Tracy texts me to say to get out of class as quickly as I can. I head up to the teacher and say I?m feeling dizzy and ask to see the nurse.

I head to the office but get stopped along the way by Hanna, the red head from the basketball team.

?Tracy told me that you need to get to the Gym and hide behind the bleachers till she texts,? Hanna tells me heading off to the gym.

I?m confused but I head over and get behind the bleachers, quietly avoiding the teacher running the class through volleyball. About fifty minutes of co-ed volleyball and I watch the teacher dismiss the class to the locker room. It takes a minute before I see some of the students talking, a couple girls and the two ?bodyguards? for a few minutes before the girls head off the their locker room.

?Kori told me you needed those two gone so we did you a favor,? Tracy says nearly scaring the shit out of me.

?What the fuck is going on,? I ask Tracy getting a hold of myself.

?Wait till the guys go into the girl?s locker room then go get my dad at the office,? Tracy tells me leaving the Gym.

Sure enough it takes a few minutes and I watch the guys look around for a minute then sneak into the girl?s locker room. I let the door close and head out to the office and catch Coach Campbell in Mrs. Jackson?s office.

?Coach Campbell, I don?t mean to interrupt but I was coming here when I saw some guys sneaking into the girl?s locker room,? I them groggily.

?Mr. Donnelly are you okay,? Mrs. Campbell asks me taking me from the doorway and sitting me down in a chair.

I watch Coach leave the office in a hurry and one of the female teacher?s follow him out. Mrs. Jackson gets me a glass of water and what happens next is pure priceless art. I watch Coach Campbell walk two boys in their underwear across grounds during lunch time to the office and sit them down in the lobby. At Mrs. Jackson?s request he helps me to the nurse?s office, I let both of the guys see my face and smirk lightly.

I get a clean bill of health from the nurse and get out just in time to get a quick bite for lunch. I see Kori and the gang all sitting at the same table and head over. Sitting down all of them just kinda look at me smirking.

?Okay what?s so funny,? I ask trying to eat my crappy pizza.

?Two down man,? Jun tells me holding up his phone.

I see the video feed on his phone of both guys from the locker room being marched across the campus. I look at Kori who is smiling big; I shake my head and march out of the cafeteria without a word. I head to the Gym and sure enough she doesn?t miss me this time when she follows me.

?What the hell did I do,? Kori asks rounding the corner.

I shrug and put her back up against the wall, kissing her deeply. She?s stunned for a second but warms up to the kiss quickly, wrapping her arms in my coat. I bring my hands inside her shirt, rubbing them on her warm skin I trail my left hand down her stomach and slowly back her up against the wall of the Gym.

?Didn?t we do this before,? Kori asks me breaking the kiss.

I smile and shake my head no then slide my hand from her stomach down her capri pants and inside her panties. It takes a second for her to open her legs but as soon as they get apart I find her clit and rub my fingers on either side of it slowly. Kori?s head rests on the wall with her gasping lightly as I rub her clit and start to kiss her neck. She puts her arm around me and pulls against her side giving me better access down her pants. I speed up my rubbing when I get another body pressed against me, it?s Katy licking my ear and grabbing my cock through my jeans.

I?m getting hard but I can feel Kori getting wet so I speed up my fingers on her clit eliciting a deeper moan from her. Katy is not letting up off my cock and has moved onto the other side of Kori placing her free hand up Kori?s sweater and onto her breast. Kori is writhing as we both work her over, her hips bucking against my hand and fingers.

?Ohhhh fuck I?m gonna cum,? Kori moans before going rigid.

Katy and I hold Kori up and keep playing with her body as she orgasms hard and grips me against her. Gasping she regains her balance and I remove my hand from her pants and Kori grabs my face and kisses me causing Katy to have to let go of us both. After the kiss Kori adjusts herself and both girls stare at me for a second grinning.

?Oh I know that look but I am saving it for later,? I tell them both,? Katy, tell Johnny boy that I need that place by the time homeroom starts. And Kori??

?Yeah Guy,? Kori responds.

?Gonna need you to get your Mom?s van and bring some toys,? I tell her smiling.

We head back to classes and the rest of the day the school is buzzing, apparently some guys got it in their head that the girls in third period Gym were gonna have some sort of sex party with a couple guys but when the guys got into the girls locker room and stripped down they found they weren?t invited. After that it took the timely intervention of Coach Campbell and some screaming girls to get the ?perverts? out of the locker room. I?m defiantly going to make this up to Kori.

Derek and Heather on the other hand look really off during fifth period. Heather is quiet and but trying to be nice but Derek is avoiding eye contact and mumbling a lot. I let him stew; I?ve got something planned for him later. I get a pass out of homeroom and text Lajita; she?s waiting in the parking lot with Johnny and Katy.

I get out to them and see Lajita in a pink skirt and blouse, and Johnny has a vest on with Hyena patched on the back. I chuckle at the patch as I approach.

?Hey if we?re hyenas than what are you,? Johnny asks me.

?I?m a tiger, I don?t need a pack but I can use one,? I tell him from my hood,? And if you don?t kill me I?ll come after you and everyone who looks like you.?

Johnny shakes his head,? Okay Katy, we hang out but this guy makes really wonder if I?m gonna get jail time for doing this.?

Everyone looks at me for a second and I just shrug and get into John?s car with Lajita, I give Katy a kiss and tell her to meet us once her and Kori are ready.

?So what is it we?re doing,? Lajita asks me.

?Do you want Kamran to be bothering you for the rest of your life,? I ask her.

Lajita shakes her head no and I explain the part that she?s going to help me with. Johnny even starts looking at me in the rearview as I describe how it?s going to play out.

?Okay but if he?s not broken then I want him gone,? Lajita tells me with a very serious look.

?Done, won?t be the first time John has had to gang beat a prep kid, right John,? I say smirking at him.

?I got half my crew waiting man, I?ll be ready if you need me,? Johnny tells me pulling up to one of the abandoned office buildings downtown.

We all exit the car and Johnny does a meet and greet with his crew, a chubby Goth/punk girl waves me inside the building. I lead Lajita inside and on the third floor we are a bedroom which is basically a few mattresses on the floor and some broken furniture. I get a sturdy chair and put it to the side for Lajita to sit in and set myself down on the mattresses while I wait for Katy and Kori to do their work.

?So how is Kamran going to get here,? Lajita asks me.

?Kori, her and Katy are jealous that I?m spending time with you so they?re going to get Kamran and bring him here to get you. And then we get to have some fun,? I tell her smiling.

I can see she?s tense and really nervous about this so I decide to lighten the mood.

?Why did you come into my room that night during the slumber party,? I ask Lajita to kill time.

?You were nice to me. Guys I deal with at school weren?t because I had Kamran around me all the time so they treated me like he did,? Lajita tells me.

?Okay but I?ve never talked to you before the sleep over,? I reply wondering what she?s talking about.

?I?ve been over with Elizabeth before, you were always polite and didn?t talk down to me, you even got the door for me when I was over,? Lajita regales me with my apparently very chivalrous nature.

?Okay so you wanted to repay me for being a nice guy with sex,? I ask a little confused.

?Well I didn?t want sex to be with someone like Kamran so I just took the Escort in dubai opportunity,? Lajita tells me,? My mom knew what I was doing and she was fine with it. It?s not like you didn?t want to.?

?No I was very much wanting too? Wait, your MOM knew,? I ask bolting up from the mattress.

?Yes, my culture is very open when it comes to sex. You westerners are really kinda prudish, and why anal sex is a fetish I?ll never know,? Lajita tells me as I sit in stunned silence.

After about 20 minutes I get a text from Katy on Kori?s phone saying they?re here and heading up. I motion to Lajita to go hide in the corner as I take off my coat and move into the hall. Loud footsteps from the stairs. Quickly enough I see Kamran get to the top of the stairs and slow down when he sees me.

?How?s it going Special K,? I call to him from the hallway.

?You give me back my fiancé and you do it now or I swear,? Kamran says covering the distance.

?You swear what, you?ll get your bodyguards and Derek to help you jump me,? I tell him standing my ground,? Funny thing, I don?t see your boys here, and Lajita came here with me. So who brought you here??

I watch him freeze for a second so he can take it all in, my girlfriends got him to come here, drove him here and he walked in on his own with no help he can trust. He starts to look around then focuses on the open door behind me.

?You give her back to me now,? Kamran tells me weakly.

?I didn?t take her, she came here with me. Now you got a choice, I?m hurt and you?ve got no backup this is your shot Special K,? I tell him reveling in my new nickname,? you want to prove you?re a real man or just a spoiled kid with money??

I can see Kamran get angry and watch him rush me the remaining fifteen feet between us and take probably the best swing he?s had in his life at me. Problem is only way to not see this haymaker is to be blind and deaf. I step back letting the swing go past my face and as Kamran goes off balance I lock my arm under his swing in a half nelson and bring the other around his neck in a choke. I let him struggle before kicking his leg out bringing him to his knees.

?Now I wonder where I?m going to leave your body,? I tell him applying pressure to knock him out.

As soon as he?s out I call for Katy and Kori, the rush up the stairs with a small bag in tow. Johnny quickly follows and helps me move Kamran to the room. Lajita looks on as we strip Kamran down and duct tape him to the chair naked, Katy gets a ball gag into his mouth. I strip down to my underwear and watch as Johnny heads out.

?Okay I?ll be waiting downstairs when you need me man,? John says heading out.

I watch him leave and take a seat on the bed. My attention turns to the girls, Kori has purple panties and a matching bra with black lace where as Katy by contrast is wearing a black sports bra with a plain thong. Finally turning my attention to Lajita white bra with little pink flowers on it and just some regular white panties.

After we are all ?dressed? I let Katy do the honors smacking Kamran awake. It takes him a few seconds but as soon as he sees me on the bed he starts struggling. The girls sit down next to me except for me Lajita who is standing behind Kamran.

?Hey Special K, enjoy your nap,? I ask him once he?s stopped struggling so much.

?He looks like he needs an explanation and I think ?someone? should tell him what?s going on,? Kori says looking to Lajita.

I watch Lajita step around the chair and into his field of view, I can?t see his face but I?ve got a pretty good idea what his expression is.

?Kamran, I hate you. You treat me like I?m property and I?m not. I?m not your fiancé and I?m not your girlfriend,? Lajita tells him,? Now you are going to watch me do things with Guy that I will NEVER do with you.?

Lajita turns around and takes her bra off in front of me releasing her breasts before crawling across the bed and pulling my shorts down. I move myself off the wall and the girls move off the bed leaving me and Lajita alone on mattress. As soon as I?m lying down Lajita goes to work giving me a not so amateur blowjob. She does a wonderful job working four inches in and out of her mouth; I lay my head back and relax. I look over to see Kamran struggling with his bonds and grunting into his ball gag. I help pull Lajita?s hair out of the way so Kamran can watch Lajita work my cock with her mouth.

Katy and Kori on the other hand have some ideas of their own as I see them going through the bag Kori brought. I watch the girls? fish out two small pearl vibrators and move over to Lajita?s rear, slipping her panties off I hear the vibrators kick on. Lajita starts moaning on my cock as the Katy and Kori use the vibrators on her, I watch Lajita whip a hand back grabbing Katy?s wrist and moving it.

?Up there and you better have something bigger in there for later,? Lajita says putting my cock back in her mouth.

?Katy I think she?s done with giving Guy oral,? Kori says moving away from Lajita?s ass.

I watch Korinna head back to the bag when she stops and looks over at Kamran then starts laughing. We all stop and look from Kori to Kamran when Katy starts laughing too.

?Oh fuck he?s got a hard on, you can see it there in his mountain of pubic hair,? Katy blurts out laughing.

We all start chuckling except Lajita who gets my attention by moving her mouth faster on my cock. I lay back and let her work enjoying the sensation of Lajita?s mouth working even faster now. Suddenly she stops and starts moaning loudly letting my cock fall from her mouth as a small orgasm hits her. I watch Katy move away from Lajita as the orgasm ends, I watch Lajita get up and stand in front of Kamren.

?Look at me,? Lajita says moving his Kamren?s face to look at her,? He is going make me cum again and you?re going to watch me let him cum inside me you asshole.?

I can see Kamren still trying to struggle but he?s fixed on Lajita as she moves back over to the mattress and me. Lajita straddles my hips for a second when I see Kori stop her and stand her back up and motion me up. As soon as I?m standing I see what Kori was getting out of the bag, a six inch black strap on fixed to her hips. I watch Kori lay down on her back pulling Lajita on top of her, it takes them a second but I watch as six inches of strap on disappear into Lajita?s pussy. I watch Lajita?s pussy bounce up and down on making that squeaking noise she made our first night together, Katy gets on her knees in front of me and starts taking my whole cock in her mouth covering it in her spit. I move behind Lajita and push her hips down on to the strap on. I take my cock line it up with Lajita?s asshole; it takes a second but after a little pressure I slide balls deep inside her ass.

I don?t know who?s face had more shock to it, Lajita?s or Kamren?s. Lajita moves her hips a little but stops and tries adjusting with the two of us inside her. I hear her grunt but not in the ?having a good time? way.

?Please fuck me, I can?t move so you two need to fuck me,? Lajita whispers to Kori and I.

I use my hands to hold Lajita?s hips in place as start sliding my cock in and out of her asshole; quickly I feel something moving with me inside Lajita. I pull back and notice Kori is thrusting in and out of Lajita?s pussy fast. I decided to take a cue from my good girlfriend and move onto one knee propping my other leg up and taking a handful of Lajita?s hair in one hand and the other on her hip start pounding my cock into her ass.

Lajita isn?t squeaking anymore now she?s just moaning with her head back. I see Katy watching us as Kori and I make Lajita into a puddle of orgasm. I hear a new moaning and shift my gaze down to see Kori starting to have and orgasm of her own. I don?t know what is going on with that strap on but with the two of them moaning and the noise of our bodies slapping together I can feel my own orgasm coming on. Lajita turns her head back to me then looks straight at Kamren as she gets quiet then I hear liquid slopping around then get a moan from Kori as she lunges up and latches onto Lajita?s nipple while cumming herself. I watch them a little then get that tingle in the base of my cock, I let go of Lajita?s hair and grab her shoulder pushing her down onto the strap on while slamming my cock in her ass as the first shot of semen fills her colon. We all lock up and I feel the rush of my orgasm as Lajita clamps down on my cock finishing her own orgasm.

We sit in silence till I back out of Lajita?s asshole, I take deep breaths and watch her get up and go over to Kamren. I watch her take his head and whisper something in her language before walking away. The rest of us start to clean up and get dressed, packing up the bag and cleaning up my cock and Kori?s hips, apparently Lajita came so hard she squirted on her.

While the girls finish everything I wave them out of the room and as soon as they?re gone grab a piece of glass from a broken window. I walk over to Kamren and pull up a chair in front of him and sit down.

?Wow, you know man you aren?t looking so good,? I tell him looking at the glass in my hand,? you feeling alright??

He shakes his head weakly and I can see he?s been crying, I must have missed that. I reach over with my free hand and undo the ball gag letting it fall from his mouth. He sits there looking at the floor and I can?t figure out what else.

?Hey Special K, are you there,? I ask him again.

?Why did you do this,? he asks me back weakly.

?I didn?t know you had a thing for Lajita when it happened, and it was nice when we had sex the first time,? I start to explain,? But you couldn?t just come to me like a guy and say something, you couldn?t talk to me like a man. So you find Derek and decide to hunt me down and ambush me. I?m really having a hard time understanding that.?

?She was mine, you took her without my permission and you defiled her,? Kamren tells me starting to get angry.

?No she belongs to herself, maybe she would have liked you if you weren?t such an piece of curry based shit but that?s what happens when people rely on old ways,? I tell him pulling my bandage back from my stitches,? You think this scar is four or five inches long??

?I don?t know what you?re AAAGGGGHHHHHHHH,? Kamren gets out as I lunge forward with the glass taking the edge and dragging it across the side of his head leaving a gash about five inches long.

?Now we match pal, don?t worry a couple stitches and you?ll be fine,? I say taking the glass and cutting him one hand free,? Lajita is done with you now, I hope you understand that. Now here?s my word on this, you got jumped, you can walk your ass to the road from here and get some help.?

I watch him pull his hand free and grab the side of his head where I cut him. I walk around him and place my hands on his shoulders.

?Now just remember this, I?m not going to see you again and you?re going to leave Lajita alone otherwise this will seem like a day out with your family,? I tell him.

I watch him nod, then start to walk away and remember one last thing. I storm in front of Kamren and taking the bottom of my boot smash him in the nose. Kamren hits the floor on his back and holds his nose and face, I can see blood coming out between his fingers.

?Hey, we?re even man. Use this and you might get out of here in time for dinner,? I say to him wiping off the piece of glass and dropping it next to him.

I exit the building and see the girls talking with Johnny. They all look at me kinda freaked out as I walk up.

?Anything we need to know about Guy,? Kori asks me.

?Oh nothing, just an eye for an eye,? I tell her smiling,? I am hungry, let?s go get dinner.?

I take my phone out and text Mom asking if we can have company over, Lajita declines and asks if Kori can drop her off at home first. We get her back home and I walk her up, she gives me a hug and smiles heading inside.

I get back to the van and we get about five minutes down the road when Kori stops the van and both girls look at me.

?Okay, we need to know if you?re going to go get jail time for what you did after we left,? Katy asks.

?No, I just gave him a cut and a broken nose like he gave me, aside from that he?s kinda feeling like he can?t please the woman of his dreams and now he?s gonna leave her alone,? I tell them both from the back seat.

?How much more are you planning to do to them all,? Kori asks me.

?Just Derek left, after him I don?t need to do anymore,? I tell them both as Kori heads back down the road to my home.

Just one more, one more and I?m going to have fun with this.

I had to do some rewrites due to the story not making sense in some parts after proofreading and a small case of blue screen on my computer. One more chapter for this installment. Comment at your leisure and please feel free to PM, they are preferred.
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