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A Day at the Grange pt 3

Post #1

Written and edited with the collaboration and inspiration of a good friend and favourite naughty mouse.

The final part where Sally gets a little payback

Sally returned with the wine and glasses, once she had poured the drinks, Charlotte ordered her to sit at her feet. Richard was sat in the arm chair opposite, while Lillian sat on the floor resting her head on his thighs.
Charlotte spoke first to Lillian. ?So Lillian did you enjoy being sodomised by Sir Richard??
?Yes dear I did, at first it was painful but as my rectum expanded to accommodate his member it became oh so pleasurable, I have never felt anything like that before in my life?.
?And you Sir Richard did you enjoy sodomising and fucking, oh that is such a naughty word isn?t it, did you enjoy fucking my sweet Lillian, my sweet mother Lillian??
She looked over at Sir Richard and continued. ?Yes she is my mother; when we met yesterday it was not by accident but by design. I had heard you were back from the colonies, and I decided to see if I could engineer a situation like this; as I stated earlier I am a virgin and I need a man of experience to make me a true woman; will you help me with this Sir Richard??
?Well young miss let me answer your questions in order, before I make my own confessions to you. Yes I enjoyed sodomising your mother, her back passage was so tight I was barely able to hold myself in check till she had orgasmed; and to as you put it, fuck her was wondrous, your mother is a competent lover and very skilled in the arts of the bedroom. So we come to the final question you put to me, yes I will help you become a full woman like your mother, yes I will fuck you and give you the pleasure of losing your virginity?.
?Oh thank-you Sir Richard I am getting moist in anticipation; now pray tell me of your confessions?.
?Aaahh young miss, you see I had heard that members of your staff had made enquiries about myself, therefore I had my own enquiries made and had discovered your intentions, but had decided to let the cards play where they fell; you see young Charlotte, I had decided yesterday that I was going to fuck you, your mother has made a wonderful bonus?.
?Sir Richard I should leave right now because of your presumptions, but as I have stated I wish you to deflower me, and what of your other confession??
?Aaaah young Miss Charlotte I need to introduce my daughter to you, Sally say hello, and yes Charlotte Sally is my sweet young daughter, now does that horrify you??
?Oh no Sir that rather excites me, to know your daughter is so well versed in the arts of the bedroom means you will be able to teach me very well?.
?Well ladies, let us retire to my bed chamber and avail ourselves of the comforts there, lead on Sally?.
The ladies stood and walked to the door, Richard followed mesmerised by the three swaying sets of buttocks in front escorts in london of him.
All four entered the bedroom and Charlotte noticed the four poster bed straight away. She crawled onto it and lay on her back with one knee raised. Lillian sat next to her but Richard turned to Sally.
?Sally; can you find those things I asked you to prepare earlier??
?Yes papa I have them here in your dressing table drawer, shall I get them for you??
?Yes I think you should?.
Sally returned with four silk ropes, Sir Richard instructed Lillian and Sally to secure Charlottes wrists to the bedposts. Taking a wrist each they quickly secured her wrists; Richard then handed them a second rope each and told them to secure her ankles to the same posts. They swiftly removed her boots and her silk stockings then secured her ankles, pulling her legs open exposing her dampening vagina and her pretty little anus.
Sir Richard then instructed the ladies to take a seat either side of her. ?Now ladies take a foot each and use your mouths and tongues to pleasure her feet and toes?.
Each of the ladies began to rub Charlotte?s feet and toes, slowly licking along her soles and taking her toes into their mouths sucking softly on them. Charlotte began to moan and writhe in pleasure as Richard knelt between her legs
He began to run his fingers up her legs till he reached her pussy, he ran his fingers along her labia watching her open up for him, when he ran his finger over her clitoris she pushed up trying to get his finger inside her. Richard ran a finger down her slit finding her opening; slowly he pushed it inside her making her gasp with pleasure, he lowered his head and licked up along the moist slit till he reaches her clitoris.
First he pressed his tongue to it, then he took it between his teeth and bit down lightly; Charlotte yelped at first, then began to moan as the finger slipped in and out of her wet pussy, and as he nibbled at her clitoris.
She moaned louder as he slipped a second finger inside her. ?Oh Sir Richard I am bound here and helpless, will you not fuck me and release me from my childhood, make me a full woman, I beg thee sir please??
Smiling Richard placed the tip of his cock at her entrance and pushed it slowly inside; Charlotte?s eyes widened as she gasped loudly in passion, feeling his hard member as it pushed deep into her virginal hole; the heat and wetness made him gasp in pleasure as he came to a halt completely in her.
Richard pushed Sally?s head down to Charlotte?s bosom, and told her to pay attention to her nipples, Lillian he pushed to her crotch and ordered her to lick at her daughter?s clitoris. Richard then began to push in and out as she squirmed in pure ecstasy at losing her virginity.
Sally at this point began to suck and nibble at her nipples, tugging and stretching them with her teeth making Charlottes Escort in dubai pleasure greater; as she felt her mama?s tongue on her clit her eyes once again went wide and she began to swear softly under her breath. Richard pulled out of her, and grabbing Lillian by the hair fed his rigid member into her mouth telling her.
?Lillian taste the cream your daughter on my manhood, lick her juices off it?.
Lillian sealed her lips around his shaft and sucked for all she was worth, then licked at the glands as she encouraged it back inside Charlotte.
?Oh sir will you not fuck my daughter hard and fast, make her come and splash your seed in my face??
Richard now began to hammer into Charlotte as fast as he could. Knowing he would not last much longer Sally knelt up and whispered into her ear.
?Father will come soon, come with him dear Charlotte?.
With a final thrust and a roar to match the yell of pleasure from Charlotte, Richard began to shoot his seed into her pussy, Charlotte arched her back as she began to orgasm violently, whilst she screamed and swore in a most unladylike manner; Richard pulled out of her now well used vagina, and let the last of his semen hit Lillian in the face.
Lillian sat up and began to wipe the seed off her face, licking her fingers greedily, whereas Sally ran her fingers over Charlotte?s heaving breasts and down to her pussy, she expertly scooped the seed out, watching Lillian follow suit and sucked her fingers clean.
Charlotte slowly came down from her orgasm and lay there panting; she looked to Sir Richard with a wide smile on her face and spoke.
?Thank you sir, thank you so much for now I am a full woman, no longer am I a girl I, am a woman like my sweet mama?.
Sir Richard looked at her long and hard as he knelt on the bed, his member still semi rigid and shook his head.
?No sweet young Charlotte you are not a woman like your mama, you have yet to surrender to me completely all your virginity?.
?Sir what can you mean, have you not deflowered me after all this pleasure, am I still a virgin??
Sir Richard ran his fingers down her legs cupping her sex, he gently worked a finger inside of her making her gasp.
?My sweet little Charlotte, your mother surrendered her back passage to me, so to be like your sweet mama you must do the same?.
He looked to Sally and bid her fetch the oils from his bathroom, then ordered Lillian to kneel beside her and comfort her daughter. Sally returned and knelt next to her father.
?Papa do you wish me to prepare her for you, do you want me to lubricate her back passage to make your entrance that much easier for her?. Sir Richard nodded his head.
Sally poured the oils onto her fingers, and leant forward and began to rub her fingers around Charlotte?s anus, probing gently then slowly pushing the finger inside. Charlotte let out a gasp at this and began to Dubai Escorts pant gently, Sally continued to push her finger deeper into her rectum then pulled it back and began to fuck her ass gently with it. As Charlotte?s moans became more urgent Sally introduced a second finger, at this Charlotte gasped loudly and began to squirm in her restraints.
When Sally had three fingers working in and out of Charlotte?s anus; she turned to her father and told him that she was now ready, he asked if she thought he needed lubricant, to which she nodded and poured oil onto his tumescent member and proceeded to rub it in.
Sir Richard knelt between Charlotte?s legs, and pressed the tip of his manhood at her anus, slowly he pushed forward her well lubricated and stretched anus offered little initial resistance popping past her sphincter softly; Charlotte gasped at this new sensation as he held still just inside her entrance.
As he pushed on slowly she continued to gasp, feeling the size of him in her virgin area; never had she felt this full, she closed her eyes and rolled her head back and began to moan at the pain it was causing, Richard held still halfway in as her mother comforted her.
?Oh sweet daughter it will get better and it will feel like nothing else you have experienced tonight?.
Sally crawled up and with a cruel grin on her face twisted Charlotte?s nipples, making them stand out even further, while she whispered in her ear.
?You whipped my buttocks earlier and hurt me, now I hope papa hurts you while he buggers you?.
Charlotte looked up with pain etched across her face and pleaded. ?Oh Sir Richard you are far too big will you not withdraw and give me comfort??
Richard shook his head and with one harsh lunge buried himself deep within her rectum, making her howl loudly in pain. He held still letting her relax and as the pain subsided. He then pulled back and pushed in again making Charlotte yelp and scream at each thrust.
Tears were running down her cheeks as she was relentlessly sodomised, but she began to relax under his invasions as her rectum stretched to accommodate him, she looked up and spoke through gritted teeth.
?Oh Sir Yes that is feeling easier now do it to me fuck me, fuck me and make me come like a strumpet?.
Sir Richard began to fuck her with earnest pushing in and out faster and faster, till he was roaring, and her moans of pain had turned to screams of pleasure as she thrust her hips up to meet his every lunge. Feeling her rectal muscles begin to convulse he could hold out no further , with one final thrust he buried himself deep in her bowels pumping his seed into her.
Charlotte screamed loudly with such pain and pleasure, announcing to all that she was coming, her head again rolled back and her entire body began to spasm in pure pleasure as the red hot heat of her orgasm exploded within her and spread out across her stomach. They both collapsed in exhausted pleasure, Sir Richard?s softening member sliding out of her anus.
?Now young miss Charlotte you are a woman like your mother?.
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