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3 Gay Guys 1 Sleepover 2: Camping

Post #1

Oh I had just got off the phone with dom when suddenly Matt called. I answered and he asked me if me and Dom wanted to go camping with Chris, Kody, and Jack. Matt said that everyone was in except me. So I went downstairs and aked my parents. They said yea and I rushed back up to my room. I got back on the phone and said to matt yes I can go. He said Cool see you tomorrow.
Now since me and 5 other guys are camping together I figured that I was gong to have the best time of my life. Tommorow came and matt pulled up everyone inside the car. I threw my stuff in the back and we were off. The Car ride felt like an eternity. Then after 4 hours of driving Matt?s Parents Dropped us off at the camp site we reserved. Matt?s parents said well come pick u boys back up in 2 days. Wow two days.
Everyone grabbed their things and started to set up camp. Luckily we had a trailer so we wouldn?t be sleeping on the ground. After we finised camp we started a fire. We sat around for a bout an hour hen Kody stated that we should play truth or dare(Most Likely always dare). Kody being 5?5? and 165 lbs and being 14 started the game by asking Dom to take his shirt off. Dom heard and not to be called a sissy took of his shirt revealing his amazingly toned stomach. Then it was my turn. I dared matt to take of his pants. You probably can guess what he did. Then It was doms Turn. Dom dared Chris to Kiss Jack. Chris being a pretty short 14 year old pulled jack over and began kissing him. They didn?t stop and we just moved on to matt. Matt asked me to come take his shirt off. I got up from my chair and walked over to his pantsless body I said Hey matt a little chilly everyone laughed. Then I took off his shirt. As I began to take his shirt off it begn to rain. We ran into the trailer soaked. We all got on new clothes and went out to the living area. We turned on the tv and wateched it for awhile. By 11 aclock Jack, Kody and Chris had gone to sleep in the bunks.
It was just me, escort service matt, and dom. We walked into the bedroom and layed on the bed. Pretty tired we tried to fall asleep but couldn?t. Then Dom turned oover and began rubbing my chest. He then worked his way down my stomach to my crotch. He began rubbing my cock through my underwear. I let outb light moans of pleasure. Then suddenly I feel matt start kissing me on the neck. I began tom moan louder and louder then I told them to stop. They did and I rolled over ontop of matt and began to make out with him. Then dom reached over and grabed and started caressing my as. This made me so horny. Then I got off off matt and removed his shirt and pants to reveal black briefs that were very cute.
Then I grabbed matt and began to lick his nipples. I concentrated on them because I new matt would love it. While I did this dom moved over and began licking my sack through my underwear. This made my cock go wild. Dom removed my boxers and began strking my cock. While dom did this I grabbed his dick and matts dick and began to stroke them. All of us weer moaning and talking dirty. O matt u sexy bitch rock my cock rock my cock. Oh dom shit dom I?m gonna cum ohn dom. Then unexpectedly dom took 1 finger and shoved it up my as. He moved it in then out this sentme over the top and I came all over matt. Matt begans to lick up all my cock juice. But dom didn?t stop. Then suddenly I elt a pain then I realized dom just shoved his now 6? dick into my as. I began to moan intensely. Then matt wanted to be fucked to so he spread his legas and I slowly inserted my dick into his hole. I was finally in and then I saw a tear fall from matts eyes. I asked if he was okay. Matt said that it was a tear of pleasure and that he wanted me to make him his bitch. So ibegan again. Me fucking matt and dom fing me was sending me over the edge. I new that I was to climax soon. Matt grabeed his dick and began to stroke it as I moved in and independent escort dubai out. Then I felt matts as get really tight and he shot cum right onto my face. I thought that was amazing. But This was what sent me over the limit. I felt dom began to quicken knowing what was about to happen. Then sudden;ly I yealled hly fuck dom oh yea ofh and dom shot his load into my as. It was a feeling that I had only felt oncer before. While dom cam in my as. I shot my load into matts as. He let out scream after scream. And then we both pulled out. Us three just sat there and began to cool off. We all fell fast asleep cuddled together.

We awoke to the sound of a bang I found out that matt had fallen off the bed and hit the floor. I was cuddled up with dom when I woke up. We Got dressed and walked out of the room. Jack and Kody were sitting were sitting at the table while jack was cooking breakfast. Kody asked so I heard a lot of commotion coming from your room last night what happened. Oh nothing just us having a pillow fight. Kody being a smartass said oh teally and I was dancing with a male model. We all had breakfast then took turns taking showers. While I was showering guys took my clothes so I walked from the showers back to site. They immediately showed me my clothes and I said I hate you guys you now come on. We all got our boots on and walked down the path to the beginning of the trail. We walked for a good three hours then stopped for lunch. Me and Dom both had to use the bathroom so we went to gether we walked around the tree and began to piss. We talked then suddenly dom kissed me on the lips. I said ave it for later. He said but I want you know. I said it would be suspicious so I walked away and he followed.

We Began walking agin and made out of the trail by 6 acolck. We then made dinner and sat around the campfire this time we just sat and talked. Then at about 10 we all heded inside. Escort Girl Dubai We all sat around the tv and watched old school. We laughed had popcorn and soda than we all went to bed well at least hats wwhat kody thinks. At around 1 acolck at night jack and chris come into our room. Jack took chris and began to make out with hime. Matt had actually fallen asleep so I grabbed dom and began kissing him and grabbing his beautiful as. I removed his shirt and tossed him on the bed. We made out the I slowly removed his jeans revaling a pair of tight black boxer briefs. I began licking around his balls and cock. As he started to grow I got hornier and horniere. Then I felt matt wake up. He said what are u guys doing. He eventually realized what we were doing and joined in. He first removed his shirt the his pants revealing a pair of blue briefs. He removed those and begand kissing up and down my bck. Then dom removed his and my underwear revealing my now 6? inch cock. Matt reached around me and began stroking my cock. Dom and matt switched sides and dom began to lube up his dick. Then I felt a sharp pain I new that dom had just shoved his dick in my as. I let out moan after moan after moan. Then I felt matts lips start moving up and down my shaft. Jack and Chris by now have left the room. I elt dom begin to pick up the pace I began telling him oh yeah dom fuck yae fuck me bitch oh yeah fuck oh yea fuck me. Then matt stopped sucking and walked around behind dom. Matt lubed up his dick and began to shoveit into doms ass. Dom let out screams of pleasure which then made me scream. They both fucked in sync. Then I Heard dom go oh I?m gonna cum. I told dom I want it in my mouth this time. He pulled his cock out and I began to suck. Matt moaned then screamed and came in doms as. Then a few seconds after that I felt doms juice flowing into my mouth. I grabbed him and began to swap the cum. We all put our underwear back on and fell asleep.
The Next morning we packed up camp. Then had breakfast. Then at about noon matts parents arrived. They hooked up the trailer and we went back home.
When I Get More Ideas I will write a part 3
Thanks For the comments pon part 1
06 Ağustos 2022, at 09:21

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