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"The Routine" - Chapter V

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Chapter V

William Tanner hung up the phone and looked at his notes in disbelief. This stuff just got weirder and weirder, but nevertheless it was a story; a very interesting story he thought; a story that needed to be told to the public. If only he could gather enough evidence, that was always the big problem with these cases. Most of what he had to go on was just rumors, hearsay and things he had found on the internet doing his research, but lately he had eventually been able to gather some evidence of a few of the strange stories he'd been encountering.

William, or Will as he was called, was a journalist. He wasn't working for any of the big timers, just doing freelance stuff for some local newspapers, a few porn mags and maybe once or twice getting his stories noticed enough to at least be mentioned in some of the larger papers. And as all journalists he was working on his Big story.

It had all started a year ago when he had gotten a phone call from one of his friends from high school. The friend had recognized his name from a few stories he had read in a porn mag and thought that he would be the right person to get in touch with.

?Hey Will, it's Archie. You still a journalist??


?Then I think I have a story for you.?

He had started to talk about something that he in turn had heard from a friend of his working at an university up state. It was a pretty spectacular story, and something that Will had a hard time believing. The rumor had it that all of a sudden a whole class of students had broken into an orgy in the middle of the classroom in the middle of the day. And even though it had been investigated by the university leaders, nothing had come of it and the whole event had quickly been hushed up. His friend was however quite sure it was more than a rumor, because he had been talking to one of the students in that class and gotten confirmation. Also two of the girls had become pregnant at a time that coincided with the presumed time of the event. The event being of course the orgy...

Will had agreed to talk to this friend, try to investigate a little more into the matter and maybe interview some people. And as it turned out, he also got the impression that the rumors really were true, even though his attempts to get any of the leaders or the girls that had participated to talk were futile.

The story had been printed by a few adult magazines but no one else were interested. However, only a week later, he had gotten another phone call about another unexplainable sexual event that was rumored to have occurred during a concert four weeks earlier.

Now his computer were stacked with similar stories; stories of intriguing sexual behavior from people you wouldn't normally think would do such things. At least not in those kinds of settings. A lot of stuff was collected from the internet, and he was sure more than half of it were just fantasies that people had made up, and some of it was probably just caused by extreme sexual urges in the spur of the moment. But still there were stuff that had to have some other kind of explanation.

Like this latest weird tale. The one he had been investigating for the last few weeks. There was a story about two nuns that had all of a sudden started to run around sucking cock in the name of the Lord. What the hell was that all about?

This was also the story he'd had most fun trying to investigate, because after a few weeks he had been able to get an interview with the two nuns. They had of course been thrown out of the monastery where they had lived most of their adult life, but had taken up their missionary quest from another location downtown. Will was exited as he entered their office where they had been sitting behind a large desk, a large crucifix on the wall behind them, and huge curtains in front of the large windows. In front of the crucifix was of course an altar with candle-light flickering and the good book open in the middle. The rest of the room had been decorated with more religious paintings and symbols, and Will had struggled to see how this could turn into another of his erotic stories.

Nevertheless he had started the interview, trying to figure out how it all had started and why they were doing what they were doing.

?We had a messenger from God,? they explained. ?He came to us during our prayers when we were visiting a congregation up north, and it made perfectly sense as he preached to us about how a man's mind was blocked up with sexual thoughts when he should be thinking about Jesus and the Bible. So by releasing these sexual urges, the mind will be more open to the words of God.?

Sure. It made perfectly sense for someone who wanted to get a blowjob from an under-educated, naive chick who was too brained washed to understand that she was being tricked, but two nuns? Smart, well educated and sternly brought up by people that ? from what he had heard ? weren't supposed to have any sexual urges at all?

Being the kind of person he was, he had not been able to resist the temptation to have them demonstrate what they were preaching, so he'd gotten a blowjob ? only in the interest of his research of course.

It had been a sight out of this world. Two pretty faced nuns in their penguin suits kneeling down in front of him, opening the fly in his jeans and grabbing his growing cock as it sprang forth. Their white skin against his enormous, black cock, their eyes not showing any sign of sexual lust as they pressed their lips and tongues against it. This was just something that had to be done, and to them it seemed completely natural. The nuns had obviously had a lot of practice, because the blowjob was one of the better he'd experienced. Of course it was not something that had happened to him very often, getting a blowjob from two women at the same time, but the way they did it, both licking up his shaft from each side and then taking his head into their mouths ? one at a time, was extremely satisfying.

Will's cock grew in his pants as he envisioned this demonstration in his mind, and he thought about releasing some of the 'blocking tension' in his groin as he remembered how the experienced nuns had swallowed all of his 10 incher, letting it slide in and out of their throats until he had spurted forth his white, gobbly seed, depositing it into the faces and mouths of these women of God, staining their already well used penguin suits with more specs of love juice.

He pushed the thoughts away as he looked back at his notes from the previous phone call. A horde of women undressing and masturbating in a public park in broad daylight? This had to be investigated further, and it would take some time. He wouldn't be able to escort service visit his girlfriend this evening as planned, so he picked up the phone to give his Rosie a call.

Roseanna Wilkinson heard the phone ring in her purse, but she didn't pick it up. Her heart was still racing as she walked up to the smiling man's house and entered as soon as he had unlocked the door.

?Get undressed,? he said and closed the door behind him.

She watched herself in the mirror as she started to shed her clothes, dropping them to the floor one by one. Behind her she could see the man watching with interest, and she was enjoying the attention her body was getting from his eyes. He obviously liked what he saw, because a bulge in his pants was sure evidence that her nakedness was turning him on. When finished, her milky white body fully exposed, she turned around, cupping her pale breasts and smiled at him.

?Will there be anything else, sir??

He showed the way into the living room where he told her to have a seat and went to fetch her a drink. She made herself comfortable on the sofa, crossed her legs and looked around the room, a million thoughts flying through her head. The most important ones were thoughts like 'what is going to happen now?' and 'what the hell am I doing here?' and 'is his cock big?'. Roseanna loved big cocks. That's why she loved her boyfriend, a black journalist with a 10 inch cock who loved to watch the contrast between her milky white skin against his dark brown when they made love. He had installed a large mirror in the ceiling above his bed because of this. She also loved watching herself being fucked by his huge cock so she spent a lot of time laying on her back while they were intimate.

Even though Roseanna was a beautiful woman, she was very shy and didn't meet too many men, so her sex life had been pretty uneventful until she met her current boyfriend. There had of course been the occasional one-night-stand but she hadn't really been experienced when they met. Things were maybe a bit different now, because in the few months they had been going out, he had opened her eyes to a new kind of life that included going to different kinds of clubs and sharing their love life with other people.

?Here you go,? the man said, handing her a glass of lemonade and sitting down in the chair on the opposite side of the table, taking a sip from his own glass. He had brought a camera and was pointing it right at her, making her stomach flutter but not in an uncomfortable way. ?So tell me, what is your dirtiest sexual experience??

Now that was a tough one. Or was it really. Her mind immediately went to the large mansion on the outskirts of town where her boyfriend had taken her about a month ago. He was going to do a story for one of the adult magazines he was writing for, and she was to come along as his photographer. She didn't know much about photography, but there wasn't really much to it he had said. Just take a lot of pictures and some of them were bound to be good enough to use.

At the entrance each had been given a mask. It was an exclusive club, and it was important that people were more or less unidentifiable to each other, even though most of them probably knew each other anyway. The women were told to strip down to their underwear while the men could wear their suits if they wanted to. Roseanna was wearing her green, lacy bra with matching panties, a color that went perfectly to her fiery red hair. It was also her most expensive underwear although she guessed by the surroundings that it was the cheapest in the house. Her boyfriend had chosen to strip down completely, and he had a body to be proud of. Muscular, ebony and a cock that would make most men envious. He was immediately joined by a couple of women that wanted to touch him, and Roseanna had felt a sting of jealousy as one of them slowly jerked his cock to attention before kneeling down and tasting it while the other let her hand run over his torso.

The woman had sucked him for around a minute before another woman had entered the hallway, gone over to him and made the women go away.

?You the reporter?? she had asked and as he confirmed this, she had presented herself as his hostess and guide for the night.

?And you must be the photographer.?

The hostess had pushed her body against Roseanna's, pressing her lips to hers and kissed her deeply before telling them to follow her through the doors. Her knees had felt a little weak as they were lead through a dark hallway.

?I notice your nipples are getting hard. Why don't you play with them??

She made a jump. She had barely noticed that she was actually telling the story to the man with the camera as she relived it in her mind. But he was smiling at her again and she felt compelled to play with her breasts and nipples as she continued her tale.

The thing she remembered with most pleasure from the erotic evening at the mansion was when the hostess had lead them into a room at the end of the hallway where a woman was standing, bent forwards, with her hands and head through a pillory. She was naked and behind her was another woman with a whip, occasionally spanking her as her screams sounded through the room. The woman behind her was wearing a leather corset, high heeled boots and black gloves that went high beyond her elbows.

Roseanna noticed that both the woman's head and hips where just the right height for a man the size of someone like her boyfriend to put his cock in her. And looking at him, she noticed that his cock was getting hard; all of his wonderful black 10 inches starting to rise at the sight of this helpless woman in front of them. She lifted the camera.

The shots of him pushing his cock deep into the woman's mouth while she was being spanked by the other, was one of the best pictures illustrating the story that was published only a week after, and it was also the picture that turned Roseanna on the most. She could even feel her pussy moistening up right now as she was talking about it and squeezing her nipples, rolling them between her fingers.

?Get up and come over here,? the man said as he rose from his chair, still holding the camera, still looking at her naked body, and still ? she noticed ? sporting a huge boner in his pants. He was starting to unbuckle his belt as she drew closer to him, her eyes locked on his crotch and the bulge, wondering how big it was, how it would feel in her mouth and her pussy.

As she stopped only inches from him, he reached his hand down, let a couple of fingers run through her amber strip of hair before disappearing easily between her slippery pussy lips and into her. She let out a moan and closed her eyes, independent escort dubai but the feeling was brief as he removed his fingers after only a few seconds and lifted them towards her mouth. They were glistening in the sunlight shining through the big windows behind him, and as she closed her lips around them, she could taste the familiar taste of her own horniness.

?Turn around,? he said, now pulling his belt free from his pants.

Confused, she did as told, wondering why he didn't offer his cock to her, a cock she would gladly pleasure in any way imaginable. The reason soon became clear as he grabbed her hands and made a loop with his belt, tying them behind her back. It hurt a little as he tightened the loop, but not nearly as much as when he took the loose end of the belt and slapped it hard against her ass. She whelped silently as tears stung her eyes, as much from the surprise as of the actual pain.

?Get down on your knees and bend forward.?

She sat down on her heels and started to lean slowly forwards so that she wouldn't loose her balance, finally resting her head on the floor. Sliding a little forward, she pushed her ass up towards him, hoping this was a clear invite to get him to fuck her from behind. Instead he just walked around her, unbuttoned his jeans and knelt before her with his cock sticking out. This was the first time she had seen it, and it looked delicious. Not quite as big as her boyfriend's enormous tool, but nevertheless more than she had imagined and hoped for.

?You will now take it in your mouth, get it wet and slippery and make it disappear down your throat. I will not fuck you unless I'm satisfied with your oral skills, but you will long for me to stick it in your pussy and bang you senseless before burying it deep in your ass!?

Holy shit, was he serious? She would never fit that thing in her throat, not to mention her ass, where no cock had ever gone before. She still felt her pussy gush with anticipation as he collected her fiery hair in a bundle and steered her lips towards his throbbing member. Her mouth opened as her mind raced to remember every instruction she had ever heard or read about deepthroating. Because she knew she needed that cock deep in her pussy, fucking it's way towards an orgasm that she longed for more than anything else.

Her mouth collected with saliva as she rolled her tongue around the head, taking extra care to concentrate on the sensitive spot underneath the helmet and around the edges, letting her lips close around it and slide an inch down the shaft before running them across the head again. She was still in control even though he was holding on to her hair, and opening her mouth wide, she moved forward, not closing her lips around it before she felt the head reach as far back as she had ever had a cock before. Working with her tongue she coated it with saliva, and as she heard a satisfied moan, she felt her pussy tingle with joy.

Now he took control, slowly starting to move her head back and forth. Her mind was concentrating on trying to open up and relaxing her throat, knowing what was going to happen any time soon as she felt he was trying to get deeper with each push. When he finally decided to push hard though, her throat involuntarily shut him out, and the cock stopped only halfway in her mouth. He pushed a little more, but there was no way it would go in, so he let go of her head, leaned forward across her back and grabbed the loose end of his belt.


The pain raced through her body as the belt made contact with her left ass cheek. And it was hard. She let out a small shriek, but the next one was louder.


He hit her other cheek even harder than the first before letting go of the belt and grabbed her chin with his hand.

?Don't you want to be fucked?? he asked, but he didn't wait for an answer, only plunged his cock back in between her lips and started to mouth-fuck her. Even though she concentrated on breathing through her nose, trying to relax and open as much as possible, and even though his cock was getting coated with gooey saliva, her throat still remained too tight for him. Not until he reached across her back again and slapped her hard three times across her ass.

Her ghasp as the hits fell, bringing sharp pain through her once again, made her throat open, and all of a sudden his cock was buried deep in her face. The shock was enormous as an object the thickness of her lower arm suddenly found its way down her narrow throat. She vaguely registered his pubic hairs tickling her nose before her body realized it could not breath. So with all it's might the body tried to repel this object before it hurt her, and she started to gag.

He held her tight, keeping her head firmly locked against his hips as she thrashed about, feeling panic start to manifest itself before he slapped her across the cheek.

?Relax or you'll only puke,? he said, making her collect herself as much as possible and try to force her body into accepting his cock. ?Relax, relax, relax,? he purred and despite everything, she was surprised to notice that her body was obeying. Soon he started moving back again, slowly as she felt his cock slide against the walls of her throat, at the same time noticing juice was running down both her thighs from her pussy.

?You were a very good girl,? he smiled as his cock was all the way out, coated, dripping and glistening before her. She had never felt her pussy ache so much for cock before, and now he was going to fuck her. Surely he must be satisfied? But her heart sank as soon as she heard the words. ?Let's try that again.?

And with that he started to mouth-fuck her again. She concentrated hard on trying to remember how her throat had opened, but even so she felt it go tight again as his cock neared the same spot. Only this time he knew what to do. The belt hit her straight across her pussy, slapping against her drenched lips and hitting her clit with an inscrutable pain. He plunged deep as her ghasp opened her up, muffling her scream, only this time he didn't keep it there. This time he pulled out again, only a few inches before sliding back in. Slowly he started to throat fuck her, making her eyes water and tears run down her chin, but she still felt great. She felt wonderful, feeling his cock slide in and out, knowing that this was what he enjoyed and that this would mean that he would finally stick his cock in her dripping, longing pussy.

?You are doing wonderful,? he purred as his cock left her mouth once again, leaving her panting on the floor, finally being able to breath.

?Fuck me,? she stammered as her body heaved up and down trying to collect as much Escort Girl Dubai air as possible, but he only directed his cock at her mouth and shoved it back in. This time it slid down her throat without difficulty.

?Your mouth feels so wonderful,? he said as he grabbed her hair, this time with both hands as he used her head, mouth and throat harder than before, going what felt to be even faster and deeper.

Yes, she thought, use me, enjoy my mouth, enjoy my throat. Relish my oral skills so that you will fuck me hard and deep as promised. Make your cock ready for my pussy and ass. As he pulled on her hair, controlling her head and pushed his hips forward to meet her lips, she envisioned him plunging his cock deep into her from behind, filling her up and fucking her senseless until she came in an exploding orgasm. She enjoyed hearing him breath faster and feeling him pump harder into her face and didn't realize he was about to come until he let out a loud grunt and buried his cock.

Nooooooo, her mind screamed as she felt his cock start to pump his seed deep into her stomach. You bastard! You promised! She was devastated as she felt his cock jerk in her throat, emptying stream after stream of sticky cum as he pushed his hips against her face blocking her air supply for a moment before pulling slowly out, his cock already going limp.

The next minute or so she only lay on the floor trying to regain her breath as he sat down in the sofa next to her and watched. She turned her head towards him and fixed him with an angry stare.

?You promised,? she almost cried, but he just laughed. Then he got up, lifted her and carried her outside.

?I need a smoke,? he said as he put her down on a table, her ass still in the air and her hands still tied to her back. Before lighting up his cigarette he pushed two fingers up her cunt and felt her wetness, something that made her moan and long for his cock even more.

He put the ashtray on her ass and told her to stay still so it wouldn't fall off. It was degrading. He was using her as a table, but as he was standing beside her, smoking, he started to play with her pussy, and all of a sudden all was fine. His fingers stroked across her lips, trailed up between her ass cheeks and smeared juices all over her crotch. There was a lot of slick moisture being distributed to her clit and her anus and as he again pushed two fingers inside her, she shuddered and closed her eyes, enjoying the way they were moving inside of her. Suddenly something was pressing against her anus; his thumb, she gathered, and as it slipped inside her she ghasped again and had to struggle not to move so the ashtray would stay in place. Another finger joined the two already in her pussy, and he started moving them even more about, making her moan and breath harder, producing further amounts of moisture that ran down between her lips, across her clit and dripped down on the table beneath her.

As he took his fingers out of her and changed hole, slowly penetrating her ass with first one slippery finger, then two, she was surprised at how easily they slid in. And what excited her even more was that from the corner of her eyes she could see that his cock was starting to grow again. When the third finger entered her, stretching her anus almost painfully, she didn't mind because he was now rock hard and he had finished his cigarette. He put it out in the ashtray, got behind her an slowly started to penetrate her swollen pussy. She let out a sigh that soon turned into a long moan as his cock just kept going and going into her, squeezing its way for what felt like forever until finally stopping deep inside her with the sound of a satisfied grunt coming from his mouth. Then, just as slowly he pulled it outwards again, almost all the way out before grabbing the ashtray, putting it down on another table nearby and slamming his great cock back into her depths.

Having three fingers in her ass and all 8 inches of his cock buried in her, Roseanna felt as full as she'd ever been. And when he started fucking her faster, she could do nothing but scream higher and higher as her pussy grabbed on to him, squeezing and milking him as his fingers started to slide in and out of her anus in rhythm with his fucking. A feeling of ecstasy started to build up inside her. Starting slowly somewhere deep inside her it grew and grew until it suddenly exploded.

Robert White couldn't believe the sight before his eyes as this wild redhead, impaled on his cock, started thrashing about when the orgasm hit her. And the feeling of her pussy almost vibrating on his cock was indescribable. It was as if his cock was sucked into her as her whole body was lifted, throwing her head back over his shoulder even though her hands were tied to her back. Her beautiful tits were pushed forward as the headlights of a car, and the volume of her pleasure cries were deafening.

Then she fell silent. Her body fell back on the table which broke, and all of a sudden she was laying on the ground, her ass still high up in the air and his cock pointing straight at it, dripping with her juices. Her anus looked slightly open and he knew he wanted it, knew ? like he had known before ? that he had to have her, and he had to have her ass.

Her whole body was heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath after the mind consuming orgasm, but as he started to push his cock in, she stiffened and let out a small shriek. Slow and steady the cock continued forward, her rosy hole engulfing him; swallowing him. Her body started shaking almost immediately and another wail escaped her throat when the last inch of his shaft went in. Her whole body was glistening with sweat now, sweat and love juices that made her ass and thighs shine in the sunlight. Robert watched the sight with joy as he picked up his pace, knowing that his orgasm was close. His cock was shining as much as the woman, wet and slippery, as it disappeared and reappeared from her back door.

The same sensation that he had felt just moments ago when she came, the feeling of being sucked into her, of her hole vibrating against his cock, repeated itself as he realized that she was having another orgasm. This time her erotic scream was too much for him, and he rammed his cock all the way in where it started to empty, pumping load after load deep in her ass as his knees went weak, stars started to dance before his eyes and the world started to spin.

They were both exhausted when they woke up naked next to each other just a few minutes later. She crawled into his arms, rested her head on his chest and pressed her body to his, her crotch still moving against his thigh as though she hadn't had enough.

?Will you keep me?? she whispered in his ear.

Robert's smile widened as he looked up into the sky. Now that was a thought. Will I keep her? Make her my sex slave?

?You have got to meet my wife,? he laughed.
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