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I love performing me and that old guitar singing my heart out in the spotlight on a stage. What a high some snort for it, smoke for it, stick needles in their veins for it all I need is this old guitar and a microphone. I received my first guitar for Christmas when I was five other girls played with Barbie dolls while I was learning cord progression and how to stay in key. Music became a big part of my life first performing Amazing Grace at Church when I was seven. I was in the pep band, talent shows, even formed an all girl band so we could play at dances.
When I went off to Depaul university summer music festivals became a big part of my life. I would perform anywhere they would let me I was a slut to the music. Usually retreating quickly after performing to some place private to masturbate. The act of performing for a live audience turns me on so much - makes me so wet. I was 20 the summer I loaded my old Volkswagen bug and headed to the Bill Monroe music park for a week-end of playing music, performing. I had added a harmonica to my performance like my hero Bob Dylan 'Tangled up in Blue' being one of my favorite songs. My set a mixture of folk, blues and rock ballads.
The drive was relaxing and fun down those Indiana hi-ways around those Indianapolis bi-ways to those curvy country roads through Brown County. I had escorts in london my tent and camping supplies this was going to be a great week-end at the Bluegrass Festival. Rhonda Vincent and the Rage were the headliner, I loved their music. I was playing the first night at seven a warn up act but I would get in free and have a camping spot.

Stopping at the gate I got my pass
06 Ağustos 2022, at 04:03

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