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Sarah's Story 02

Post #1

Chapter Two A Secret Shared
I heaved a sigh of relief, quietly closing the front door on the house that had been my home for years. I had to fight the urge to slam it so hard the glass would shatter, it's what I really wanted to do.
Jeremy had been so nasty, I couldn't blame him really. I had just shattered so many illusions.
It was barely two months since my two oldest friends had introduced me to the joys to be had with my own sex. In the back of Lisa's car, I'd been used by both Lisa and Jen. True, I'd had far too much to drink but I couldn't blame what happened entirely on the drink.
I'd found myself willingly letting both of them pleasure me. With lips, fingers, and tongues. They took me to places I'd never imagined I'd go. But go I certainly did.
I'd cum so hard it took my breath away, leaving me utterly satisfied. Spread wide, tits out for the two of them so they could take whatever they wanted. Jen's tongue had teased and tasted my wet pussy as Lisa held me, her hands and lips working their own magic as she watched her lover work between my open thighs. Then when I started to cum telling me I was a good girl.
Barely two months and here I stood looking at a house I would never enter again. That much Jeremy had made quite clear. I think if I'd confessed to an affair with another man he would have understood that. But when I told him it wouldn't be a man that was going to enjoy my body but another woman, that was a step too far for Jeremy.
He'd called me every name under the sun, including some I'd never heard before. A rare feat indeed, considering I taught teenagers at a rough secondary school.
I'd planned carefully, knowing what I wanted, what I needed. It made things easier for me to do what I did.
Poor Jeremy never suspected a thing.
I'd already rented a flat, only fifteen minutes walk from the school.
It was pure luck I'd found it. I was wandering in an area close to work but one I couldn't remember ever noticing before. I saw the handwritten card in the window of a shop that seemed to sell almost everything.
Flat To Rent, Apply Within.
Pushing open the door I traveled back in time.
The soft tinkle of the bell above the door suited what I found inside.
So many drawers, all bearing labels indicating what might be inside. Shelves displaying things I didn't even know what their use could be, let alone what they might be called. And behind the counter was a man whose age I couldn't guess, wearing an old-fashioned apron. He suited the shop perfectly.
I explained I was enquiring about the flat advertised in the window.
With a smile, he stepped out from behind the counter, hand outstretched to shake mine.
He searched around in his pockets before finding a bunch of keys, then with me following stepped outside, indicating a door I hadn't noticed set back from the street.
Handing me the keys he said I should go ahead and take a look. The stairs were getting too much for him these days. He would wait in the shop for me to return the keys.
Opening the front door I was faced with a set of steep stairs that led to another door at the top. Finding the right key I unlocked it and stepped inside. I loved it. It could do with a lick of paint but that was easy to fix.
There were odd little alcoves and cupboards. I was already imagining what I could use them for.
The bedroom was large with two sets of windows letting in the light. Down a small passage, the bathroom had the deepest bath I'd ever seen. How on earth anyone managed to get it up the stairs was anyone's guess. It must have weighed a ton.
The kitchen was surprisingly modern. It had everything I'd need and was nicely decorated.
In fact, the only room that really needed a coat of paint was the living room. The ceiling had recently been painted so only the walls to paint.
I wanted it, I could see myself happily living here.
Twenty minutes later I had the keys to my new flat. I was shocked when the man, who I now know was called Laz, told me how much he wanted. It was half the price I'd expected to pay. This was London, there was no such thing as a cheap flat. I even had a parking spot at the back of the shop for my little car. I would hardly need to use it. Everything I could want was on my new doorstep and I could walk to work.
The next day I paid the first month's rent and dropped off the first of my possessions. Two boxes of books. Jeremy wouldn't notice they were gone. They'd been stored in the spare bedroom since we'd first moved in.
Little by little I moved myself out. Some clothes one day, shoes the next. Taking something to my new flat nearly every day.
By the time I finally told Jeremy it was over I'd collected an assortment of furniture. I'd become the queen of the second-hand shops. I'd haggled, bargained, and sometimes even begged.
I made deals that had left the traders thinking they'd somehow been conned. Free delivery was a favorite, my car couldn't cope with escort london big items so I played the helpless woman shamelessly.
I was nearly there, only a couple of items I wanted and I'd be all set.
I spent my first night at the flat on the last day of term. Summer holidays, six weeks off to just be me. That first night I drank red wine, lounging on my charity shop sofa, and just listened to my retro radio. I'd made the decision not to have a T.V. It would encourage me to read. Now if I could find a nice little bookcase I'd be completely happy.
As it happened the lack of a bookcase was the catalyst for what would follow.
Saturday morning I set out to scour the shops on the local High Street. I need some paintbrushes, paint, and a bookcase. By lunchtime, I was a sweating mess. I should have bought the paint last instead of having to lug the heavy can up and down with me as I searched for the elusive bookcase.
I had to stop, I would buy myself a coffee and then head home. I had bought something that was going to be delivered to my flat at around five o'clock. A large abstract canvas that was perfect for the alcove where my little dining table lived. I just liked it, no idea why, but I wanted it. I'd haggled the price down to fifty pounds from eighty. It was a bargain...Or so I kept telling myself...
The coffee shop was surprisingly quiet for the time of day on a Saturday. I decided to sit outside and enjoy the sun. I could also have a cigarette, something else I could do now Jeremy was no longer around to tut at me.
A girl took my order, as I sat back and watched the world go by.
I'd just lit my cigarette when my coffee arrived.
"There you go miss, one milky coffee."
I looked up at the waitress, it took me a second or two before I realised who she was. I hadn't seen her for six months at least but her red curly hair was unmistakable. Liz, she'd been in some of my classes at school, leaving straight after she'd taken her exams. She was all grown up now.
"God, Liz, I almost didn't realise it was you. And it's not Miss anymore, it's Sarah out of school. I didn't know you worked here or I would've come in and said hello before now."
Liz told me she was only helping out as a favor for her cousin who ran the shop. She watched me smoking my cigarette enviously.
"I hope you don't mind but can I sit with you? I'm due my break and it would give me an excuse to have a cigarette if I was sitting talking to you."
I didn't mind in the least. I'd always liked Liz, she was always pleasant in class. And more to the point she'd turned into a very attractive young woman indeed. I felt my nipples stiffen as I started to get aroused. I had a feeling she'd be featuring in my next fantasy. Yes, I'd happily rub my pussy thinking about sexy little Liz.
A couple of minutes later she sat herself down and lit her own cigarette.
"God I needed this. It's a horrible habit I know, but sometimes it's just so good." She sat back with relief on her face. "I never knew you smoked...Sarah. Sorry, I nearly called you Miss again then. You were never one of the teachers who rushed out between lessons."
I don't know why it happened but I ended up telling her about my split up from Jeremy. Not the main reason, of course, that was still my secret.
"You're right Liz, I wasn't a smoker at school, I'd given up until recently. Splitting up from my boyfriend got me started again. I limit myself to five a day, this is... Number three. Saying that after walking up and down the High Street for hours I might well have another in a minute. And another coffee too."
Liz smiled as she picked up my cup and disappeared back inside, returning with a larger coffee than I'd had before.
I reached for my purse but Liz placed her hand on mine.
"My treat Sarah, I can get away with giving the odd free drink to friends."
I almost jumped when she touched me. I had to get a grip of myself and stop daydreaming about a girl who was only eighteen. I'd save the dreaming until I got home, I would soon be on my bed rubbing my clit imaging what I'd have Liz do to me. I felt my pussy getting wet in anticipation of the attention it would be getting.
We chatted a little longer about nothing in particular. It was when Liz asked what I'd bought that things took a giant leap forward.
I explained my plan to repaint my living room, showing her the paint and brushes I'd bought for the job.
"You'll be painting for days if you use these." She showed me the brushes, shaking her head. "These are far too small for painting a room. These are for woodwork. Skirting boards and door frames, not walls."
In my defence I'd never had to do stuff like painting, that had always been Jeremy's job. Now I realised how small the brushes were. I could see Liz was right.
Liz must have seen the disappointment at having wasted money on something that wasn't going to get my room painted anytime soon on my face.
"I could help if you want, dubai escorts I have all the right kit and the two of us would have it done in no time at all." Liz sipped her coffee, looking at me, waiting to see if I'd agree, adding." I've been helping my Dad with decorating for years. It's his trade, well one of them, it would at least get me out of my bed on a Sunday morning."
Given a choice I would prefer to keep this sexy young woman in bed...in my bed, all Sunday morning and into the evening too. I felt my pussy begin to soak my knickers...phew, I was so turned on I must have drifted away in my fantasy.
"Well, is it a deal?"
All I could do was smile and nod my head.
"Well, You'll have to give me the address Sarah, or I'll never know where to find you."
I tore myself away from a delicious daydream where I was spread wide open for Liz to eat my pussy. Her red curls between my spread legs...Mmmnnnnnnnn. Oh yes, please.
I wrote down my address on the back of an old business card I had in my purse. My hands were shaking as I wrote.
Liz looked at the address and smiled.
"I know this place, it's above Laz's shop, it's only about five minutes from my Mum and Dad's. I can walk it, no problem. How about I turn up at about twelve, not too early. We can both have a little lie-in. How's that sound?"
I thought I would use that time making myself cum dreaming of you Liz.
I didn't say that of course. I tried to offer her money for her time but she wouldn't take it.
"How about you buy a big pizza and some beer and we'll call it even."
I agreed, if Liz was sure she didn't want money, then pizza and beers it would be. I was sure I had the better end of the deal in more ways than one.
Liz had to get back to work, and I really wanted to get home too. I had an urgent date with my fingers that was getting more urgent by the minute. I'd even got a quick peck on the cheek from Liz before she disappeared back inside. The touch of her lips made me want to groan.
I picked up my shopping and began to walk back to my flat. If I hadn't been wearing knickers I was sure I'd have left a trail of my juices all the way home.
After a fabulous ten minutes of slowly teasing my clit imaging Liz in my bed, I finally started to cum, nice and hard, the way I always seemed to cum these days. I never ever thought that one day I would find another woman's body so arousing.
That night I decided it was about time I called Lisa. We'd spoken a couple of times since the night in the back of her car without really getting around to what happened. I wanted to know why they'd thought I would be willing to allow them to use me like a little slut.
It was a long conversation. They had basically decided I was ready, and if it got me away from Jeremy it was worth the risk of losing me as a friend. I heard Jen in the background laughing. Lisa relayed what Jen had said that had started her laughing. Jen says you were more than ready, you little slut. We were all laughing now. We were all still friends.
I filled them in on my new flat, I hadn't let them know what I had planned to do, and that Jeremy was now history. I'd kept my plan a secret.
Lisa couldn't believe I'd just decided to move out so quickly but loved that Jeremy had finally been dumped. And I keep Liz a secret. I could imagine Jen teasing me without mercy if she found out I had the hots for a young girl I used to teach.
After all, it was just a fantasy!
Sunday morning I'd woken up earlier than I'd planned. Glancing over at my alarm clock seeing it was only eight o'clock. I snuggled back under my quilt, my hand between my legs finding I was already wet as I quickly slipped my fingers inside. Closing my eyes as I played. Picturing Liz's naked body was all mine, I could do whatever I wanted, her groans, as I tasted her pussy, sweet juices on my lips. I had cum so quickly it caught me by surprise. One second I was deep into my fantasy. The next I was having a beautiful orgasm, it was that quick.
I could have stayed in bed so easily but I needed to get myself up. I let the bath fill as I made myself a coffee, I opened all the windows allowing a warm breeze to flow through the whole flat.
The bath was something I really loved. So deep and with the taps in the middle instead of the end. I loved just luxuriating in the hot water, a towel behind my head, coffee on a small table I bought for just these moments. Perfect. And there was plenty of room for two.
I even shaved my pussy, more in hope, than expectation but a girl could dream. I was all smooth as I slipped into my slutty knickers, memories of what had happened the last time I'd worn them running through my head. No bra today either, just a shortish skirt and old top. It wouldn't matter if they ended up covered in paint, I would get changed later when I went for pizza and beer if needed.
Liz was on time, knocking on the door on the street at a little past twelve. I let her in and she followed me Escort Dubai up the steep stairs. She had a small backpack which she opened, taking out a selection of brushes, something I later found out was a paint kettle and a set of painter's overalls.
She wasted no time getting set up. I watched, open-mouthed as she stripped the jeans she was wearing off. Her cute little bum in a pair of white cotton knickers displayed without a trace of embarrassment on her part. Liz stepped into her work clothes, it was what I would call, bib and brace. They looked too big for her slim body, I would be able to see down the sides, all the way down. to her little, white, cotton knickers as she worked. It was going to be a struggle to keep my mind on work with such a tempting view on offer.
Liz worked fast, she'd do the intricate stuff, I would slap paint on the spaces she left. We listened to the radio, singing along to songs we knew, laughing at all the wrong words we sang.
We finished bang on five o'clock. I'd be still painting on Monday if it wasn't for Liz. With the brushes cleaned, we finally stopped.
"God Liz, you've made everything so easy, I'd been dreading doing this on my own. I think I owe you the biggest pizza and as many beers as you want for all your help."
I thought...Hoped, Liz would change out of her painting clothes but she was standing by the door ready to go. Not leaving me much choice, picking up my purse and keys. I followed Liz down the stairs and out onto the street.
"There's a nice place just up the road, we can order the pizza and go and pick up some beers. It will be cooked by the time we get back." Liz headed off, looking back. "Come on Sarah, I'm hungry and need a nice beer, all that painting's made me thirsty."
I caught up with her and felt her arm linked with mine. I didn't feel embarrassed at all. We were just two friends out for a walk, the most natural thing in the world.
I ordered the biggest pizza the shop would make. Liz said she'd eat anything, so it would have everything they could fit on it. Next stop the off-license. I had said that I did have plenty of wine but Liz just pulled a face. Not a wine kind of girl it seemed.
If Liz wasn't picky about her food, she was totally different when it came to her beers. She studied each bottle, shaking her head at some before picking an assortment she was satisfied with. Ending up with six bottles. She must really be thirsty I thought.
"Right, I'm happy, let's get that pizza and celebrate a job well done."
I paid for her beers and we retraced our steps back for the pizza, and then back to my flat.
I took a bottle of white wine from the fridge and got a glass and bottle opener for Liz.
She wasted no time, grabbing a slice of pizza and washing it down with a healthy swig of her beer.
"Mmmnnnnnn, two of my favorite things, pizza and beer." She wiped her mouth on her arm and went for another slice. "Well I never expected to be sitting here a couple of days ago, the most I was expecting was an evening of boring T.V."
No T.V. here I pointed out, just me and the radio.
"I much rather you and the radio to another night in with Mum and Dad, I'd probably just be out in the shed messing about with some old furniture I'd salvaged. This is much better."
We chatted away for what seemed like hours. Turns out Liz had a little sideline going on. Furniture, painting, and anything else that would make some money. She'd decided that university wasn't her thing, so her hobby made her some money. Liz also told me just how many relatives she had in the area. Quite often helping out with various little jobs they gave her. She was happy just living at the moment, was how she said it.
Time had flown by while we talked. It was already getting on for nearly ten o'clock.
Liz had just finished her beer, it was looking as if she would be going home soon. It was a shame as I'd enjoyed her company but maybe she'd visit again.
"I'm just going to change into my jeans, I don't really want to wear these home." Liz went into my bedroom, I'd folded her jeans and left them on my bed. Time to finish the last of the wine before calling it a night.
I sat at the table waiting for Liz to say goodnight. After nearly five minutes she still hadn't come back. Standing up I pushed open the door, expecting to see Liz dressed. I was so wrong.
Liz was in my bed with a huge grin on her face. I could see her clothes in a heap by the side of the bed. She must be naked.
"I got tired of waiting for you to kiss me so I thought I'd give you a nudge in the right direction...Miss." She pulled my side of the quilt back, patting the empty bed. "Well, are you going to come and fuck me or what?"
My turn to smile as I reached behind and undone my skirt, my top soon ended up on the floor too. I saw her watching as I peeled my slutty knickers off and slid into bed next to her. Liz grabbed my face and kissed me, her tongue finding its way inside my mouth, hands stroking my naked body until one found its way down between my legs, pussy wet and aching for her to use.
"Mmmnnnnn, looks like I was right, you do prefer girls."
I do now I thought, as her fingers slipped into my wet pussy.
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