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Female Best Friend - Revelations

Post #1

*All characters are over the age of 18. This is my first publish, so let me know how it is. Response is appreciated. Enjoy a fragment of my imagination.*
It was summer. Kenzie had invited me over to chill. Her house was a 10-minute walk from my place. She was my best friend since freshman year. I left my house at 11 and started walking. I began thinking about Kenzie. She had a dusky complexion and a small but thick frame. A height of 5'3" (160 cms) and curves at the perfect places made her breedable.
I had watched her grow over the years from a girl into a woman. Her bra size must be 38D. Her but was bubbly. In all, her assets bounced all the time. Sometimes she would sport a deep cleavage. She had black hair below the shoulder length and big eyes. And an hourglass figure.
She maintained it all through athletics. Once I had seen her performing, bent down completely such that her boobs touched above her knees. I had fantasized about fucking her in that position. It would turn me on when she would sit across me at school, putting one leg over the other as girls do. Seeing her thick butt and thighs from behind was one of the best things in my life. It got me through many tough nights.
I reached her house and rang the bell. Her mom answered and we exchanged greetings.
"Welcome, Stephan. She must be in her room. Make yourself at home."
"Thank you, Mrs. Dawson." And I proceeded towards her room. It was the last from in the passageway, from down the hall to the right.
I knocked. No answer. I let myself in. It was okay to do so. I entered and closed the door behind me. I sat on the bed. Across the other side of the bed to my right was the bathroom door. The shower was running. She was showering. All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind.
"She's naked in there. Is she masturbating? Does she use the showerhead or her hands? Is she pinching her nipples? Does she squirt?"
I touched the bedsheets around me. Does she masturbate in the bed? At what time? Has she moaned into these pillows here? Lust filled me.
I looked around and saw the cupboards and the wardrobe. What was inside the closet? Sexy dresses? Maybe. Underwear? Bras and panties? Personal products? Slutty thongs? Bikinis? The answers lied just a few feet away.
I snapped back to reality when the shower stopped.
"There she comes." I thought.
The door opened, she stood there, rinsing her hair, her eyes covered by them. I had a look at her. She was only wearing black panties. The panties smoothly disappeared between her thick thighs.
"How must she feel the fabric against her pussy lips?" I wondered.
The towel covered her robust chest. In a moment, she saw me sitting right across.
"Stephan!" She turned around.
I got a clear view of her backside now. The hourglass figure. The thick butt and thighs. The cheeks ate away her panties.
"Let me wear something at least." She walked to the closet in front of me and dropped the towel. I could make out the outline of her heavy bosom. She opened the closet and took out the black bra.
While wearing it and hooking the bra at back she said, "I usually stay topless or naked in my room but I have to maintain decency today. Hahaha." and finally turned around.
She smiled and started coming towards the bed. She sat ankara yabancı escortlar right next to me. I could feel the after-shower heat emanating from her.
"My mom let you in, didn't she?" She asked.
"Yes." I answered, looking everywhere else but towards her.
"Woah are you uncomfortable? Like you've never seen my boobs." She joked.
"You do sport a cleavage sometimes but nothing more than that." I said.
"Look at me!" she said. I didn't
"Look at me!" Again
I did.
She shrugged her shoulders and jiggled her boobs. It was a sight to behold. She started laughing then.
"Enough," I said. "You've already put up a lot of show."
"Oh of course. When I turned around right? I'm underdressed anyway. But I don't feel conscious about it with you. In fact, you're gonna lose the t-shirt as well.
She proceeded to sit on me, grabbing my t-shirt and removing it from over my head. I looked at her. Our eyes met. What was she thinking? Is she seducing me?
I kept staring in her big black eyes. I leaned in. We kissed. Oh my God! What a kiss!
We stopped and looked at each other.
"Oh My God Stephan! I'm so horny for you. I need you." She put all her weight on me. The weight of her heavy bosom on my chest, and the fabric of the bra felt smooth. Her heavy butt on my hips, my boner was forming.
She kissed me on the lips again and I meanwhile I unhooked her bra and put it away. I held and cupped her juicy breasts and slipped my hands down to her waist and held her tightly. She let out a tine moan.
She backed up and started undoing my jeans. After pulling my jeans away she sat on me again and my boner could feel the heat of her lady parts. She was so in heat. She got down from the bed, to my left, and while facing the other way, undid her panties.
She bent completely while rolling them down. A string of her juices held on between her pussy lips and the panties. I could see all her cracks and hole, the exact position in how I wanted to fuck her. She turned and smiled. I t was a devilish grin.
She climbed back up and held my boxers. She undid them and my erection stood up.
"Ughhh it looks delicious." She threw the boxers away, separated my legs as much as she could and sat in between, in the basic yoga pose and bent down on my dick.
I made her hair into a bun and saw her hands at her back. She was working only with the mouth and head. Thanks to her incredible flexibility due to athletics.
I felt her warm tongue on the tip first. She licked around it, then proceeding to take the head inside her mouth and holding it. And slowly going up and down, using her tongue wisely. Only after a few minutes, I knew I'd be cumming soon. She was working her way in a very devoted manner. Like there was nothing else rather than my dick in the world.
I felt the sensations now. "I'm gonna cum!" I exclaimed.
That's when she tightened her lips on my member. My hips spasmed. Rope after rope of hot cum, I shot inside her warm welcoming mouth. After I was done, she rose up. Gargled my sperm and showed me, looking in my eyes, she swallowed all of it, licking around her lips after.
"Its super tasty." She winked at me. I got up as she backed. As I looked at the bed again, I saw the wet spot she had created whilst ankara yeni escortlar blowing me. Her pussy was drooling all along. It was a damp, oval spot, made from pure lust.
I looked at her. I was looking at the naughtiest expression she'd ever posen. I grabbed her but cheeks as I kissed her neck and let her down on the bed. She sat back leaning on the bedpost.
"Do you know what I was doing in the bathroom, Stephan?"
"Well, I have an idea now."
"You're probably right. But it was tough for me. Putting soap all over my body, under my boobs, I felt I wasn't enough. I needed your help. While shaving my pussy I felt your absence, Stephan. It was difficult for me to touch my boobs, brush my nipples without getting turned on, not playing with my clit or sticking a finger or two inside my modesty whilst I needed to cum over and over, wanted to orgasm, one after another."
She sounded so hot and desparate to cum. I wanted to make her cum right then and there.
"But I wanted to do it in front of you. But I'm gonna think I'm alone so I'll be closing my eyes. You can enjoy the show now."
She leaned back on the bedpost and closed her eyes, bent her knees to her chest, opening her secret to me. She brought down her right hand from over her inner thighs, stroking it. While her left hand went towards her tits. They sure were handful .
She circled her clit for some time, while cupping her boobs. Slowly she brought hand down her moist cunt and pushed a finger inside her asshole. I had not imagined she would do that.
"Aah!" She quickly withdrew her finger and parted her lips. It was evident her asshole was too tight. She slowly touched over her vagina and started playing her clit, up and down, in circles while simultaneously pinching her nipples hard. It was visible that she pinched her nips very tightly. It only meant that she was very much used to doing this.
After some time she inserted a finger inside her pussy. It was dripping like anything. Sliding it in and out, the noises of her liquids started. She was letting out small moans now. She was thinking she was alone, while I was enjoying something I had only fantasized about.
She added one more finger now, precisely her ring and middle finger, with which she was fucking herself at a great speed.
She let out one single, very loud moan, more like a small scream. Her hips started spasming. She was cumming. Cumming hard. Her mouth was open, looking straight up at the ceiling. Her fingers wouldn't stop. She was still pinching her nipples.
Juices started gushing out of her pussy, although not a lot. It had different but interesting smell. The smell of horniness. Her face was all tensed. She opened her eyes only to look down at the mess she'd made on the bedhseet. She was breathing heavily. Her palm was still patting her clit and she kept cupping her boobs. She looked at me, no change in her expression.
I went up to her. Grabbed her made her lie down, making out on the bed. My erection was returning. I rolled her over and spanked her butt. It was like jelly. I spanked again dn she knew what she had to do. She settled on all fours, face down, ass up. I mounted myself behind her and grabbed her cheeks.
I sniffed her pussy and licked it, plunging my tongue deep inside sincan oral yapan escortlar her warm canal. It was slimey from all the squirt, but it wall still warm. I licked around her inner lips and started eating her out, exploring all the sides, inside, outside as well. Soon she was pent up and ready to cum. I began fingering her and teasing her inner thighs as well. Spanked her in between.
When she started to cum, my mouth was still at her pussy. Only little liquid came out, but I loved its taste. Her pussy was convulsing and I knew what else was convulsing. I slipped a finger inside her asshole. That triggered an intense response from her.
Her head rose up and she started screaming.
"YES YES YES YES YES YES OHHH GOD STEPHAN YESS." She enjoyed herself thoroughly. Cumming twice. But I wouldn't make her wait longer for more. I was pent up too.
"Thats it Stephan, I need your cum inside me. Don't worry I'm on the pill just dump it inside me."
I did not speak a word. I laid my dick on her entrance. I teased her, and that just helped me moisten my dick with her juices. Lubrication wasn't a problem here. I slipped in my dick, and it went all in just one stroke. She let to an aah.
"Don't leave my boobs alone." She said.
"I started fucking her and soon we developed a rhythm. She rose and we kissed while I cupped her boobs. She and I were both panting.
Whilst her hole was easy to enter because of plenty of lubrication, I was still tight.
I kept going. None of us wanted to stop.
"I'm gonna cum again." She declared.
"Together." I commanded. "I'll tell you when I'm close."
"FASTER PLEASE! DEEPER." She asked for it.
I complied and we kept going. I felt I was close now.
"I'm gonna cum." I told her.
"That's right. Pour that load all inside me like your bitch. Impregnate me!" She almost screamed. I felt her pussy tighten up. I started shooting my load. 4-5 thick and hot ropes of cum.
"AHHH yes its filling me. Cum baby cum more. I'm cumming too! Make babies with me! God yes I'm cumming." She was for sure in seventh heaven.
i pulled out after I unloaded. I could her her pussy filled up like a donut with chocolate. My cum was dripping out, some with her fluids. She turned around and started sucking my dick. She got every last drop. We sat back together.
She put two fingers deep inside her pussy and played with it all. Finally taking those fingers out, topped with both of our love juices, she licked them.
"Hehe. It tastes nice." she smiled.
"I guess we'll be doing this a lot more." I looked at her.
"For sure." She was smiling. Happy and satisfied.
"You should head to the bathroom and clean up." I suggested.
She got down the bed and searched for the panties. She found them. She turned around.
"Ugh Stephan you don't know how nasty I can be." She said as she wore her panties back. "I'll do it later."
Light was shining on her hariless thighs. She was the sexiest girl I'd ever seen. She procured the bra and brought it over her shoulders.
"Here. Hook it up, lover boy." She said.
I got up and slowly cupped her boobs from below, before they got stashed away inside the garment for the last time.
"All done."
I got dressed as well. She wore a skirt and a tight top. We headed out.
"Had fun you two?" Mrs. Dawson asked.
"Very much ma'am." I replied, while me and Kenzie looked at each other and just laughed.
"I should get going." I stated.
"I 'll text you." Kenzie said as she saw me off from the door.
It was a happy afternoon.
14 Ocak 2022, at 19:22

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