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A short story of the past good days.

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A short story of the past good days.This is Kimmie with a short story from the days when westarted having full sex. This was at the age of about1three or 1four. We never thought to write down the exactdate and time. Tim was asleep in bed with me after our parents went to sleepfor the night. He was just wearing a pair of gym shorts and Iwas in gym shorts with a half tee shirt on. It came to justbelow my breast. When ever I would stretch or reach above myhead the lower part of my boobs an sometimes my nipples wouldbe in full view. There were times when I would see older brother and even dad looking at me when I would stretch. Isome times faked a yawning stretch to give them a show.My puffy nipples at the time were nearly always hard. I didsee Dad with a hard on a few times after giving him a "free"show of my growing boobs. Oh, sorry back to my twin timthat was sleeping so soundly. I could not resist slidding myhands under his shorts to play with his growing prick. I lovedto play with it and to fondle his balls. After Tim was nearlyfully erect, I would take his dick bingöl escort into my mouth or I wouldjust lick the underside of his dick. I was really good at taking both his nuts into my mouth and roll them around. Ionce made him shoot a load of sprem from just sucking on hisballs. He was asleep that time as well. But this time I didnot waste time with the balls because I wanted to suck on hisbeautiful dick. I was so horny for the taste of his cum beingshot down my throat. I had only recently at that time beganto be able to take his entire dick into my throat. I was soshocked the first time his dick exploded inside my mouth/throat. It hit the back part of my mouth with the firstshot, but the following shots hit my throat with such forceI was gagging and nearly tossed my guts up. His cum was so sweet, hot and tangy at the same time. I think the fact thatwe spent the day before eating wild strawberries had somethingto do with his cum being so sweet. This time sucking him I went as slowly as I could so as notto wake Tim. Until I at least bitlis escort got a healthy amount of hisbaby making juice. I was licking the underside of his penis head and putting my tounge into his pee/spearm slit. Everytime my tounge would poke into his slit Tim would shake andeven groan in his sleep. I still remember the way his dickwas shaking and getting harder by the second. To me it seamedthat his prick would split open from the amount of bloodfilling up his dick. Every few minutes I would rapidly takehis entire cock into my mouth and throat as far as I could atthat time. I was having so much fun and was getting extremelywet and excited with all the action I was giving to my LOVER.The lover that was also my twin br****r. I would never failto have an orgasm from giving my lover all the oral attentionI could give him. This time my pussy was leaking so muchliquid that I was soaking the bed linen as I usually do whenhaving sex with my lover/br****r. I would back off on my attention to Tim's dick when I felt his ball sack thighten upand çanakkale escort his dick grow harder. I did NOT want to have him cum yetbecause I had other plans for his wonderful prick and my pussy.I must have came myself at least 2 or 3 times while suckingon my twins cock. After what must have been 45 minutes to an hour, I finallyneeded to have him fill my pussy with his cock. I was hopingthat I could impale myself on his dick and not wake him.I raise myself up onto my knees and straddled Tim like a cowgirl. I slowly lowered my slimy, soaked, hot, soft and tenderyoung pussy onto my brothers fully erect cock. I went slowly until the head of his prick was inside me. That is when my self control ended and I needed to drive his wonderful cockdeep inside my silky smooth and oh so thight young pussy.I drove his dick into me with such force, Tim woke up withme entirely encasing his beautiful prick inside of me.Tim, was primed to explode and boy did he ever empty a hughamount of cum into my pussy. It sent me into one of my manyorgasms of the love making session. We kissed a stong andpassionate kiss that lasted several minutes. In all of thistime I never thought of one important fact. I am NOT on the pill and we did NOT use a condom.Now that is for another time to explain that detail.Hope you enjoy, yet another of our true life events.Kimmie
10 Ekim 2021, at 00:22

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